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Spend a Day at State

High school juniors, seniors, and transfer students are invited to visit with us to see the NC State campus and explore the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). The interactions with faculty, staff, and students are what make our campus visits unique; as a result, we are only able to offer visitation days on Fridays during the NC State academic year when classes are in session (excludes holidays, University breaks, and exam times). 

The visit includes the chance to interact with current faculty and students, and the flexibility of exploring campus on your own. CALS offers many majors and enrichment programs for students.  Our visitation includes a College information session, a class observation (for visiting student only), a meeting with a faculty member in your major of interest, and lunch in a campus dining hall with current CALS students. You will learn more about the academic experience; we will explain the "perks" of our College, answer your questions, and show you why CALS is unique. Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes and dress for the weather!

Sorry, we are unable to take requests by phone. 

Additional questions should be emailed to Joanna Eglinton.

Interested in a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree?

The Spring 2015 CALS Spend a Day at State Visitation Program is now complete.

We will post Spend a Day at State dates for Fall 2015 later this summer, so check back later for more information!

Interested in a 2 year Associate of Applied Science Degree?

Interested in a hands-on 2-year Associate of Applied Science Degree?  Well, vist the Agricultural Institute (AGI) in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), to see what we are all about!  The individualized visit includes meeting our Director, attending a class, lunch with a student, and meeting an advisor in your specific area of interest.  You will learn more about our program and find out why the Agricultural Institute wants YOU for TWO! 

Click here to register for an Agricultural Institute Spend-A-Day-At-State!

Information for Your Visit

How do I get to campus?
NC State University is located in downtown Raleigh, NC.  Please click here for directions to campus.  The first stop for all visitors should be the Stinson Information Booth on main campus. 

Where do I park?

Like most large universities, parking is limited and visitors must park in designated areas.  Campus visitors are charged $5 per day to park.  Please click here for additional information about obtaining your visitor permit. 

Where do I go once I park on campus?
Registered guests should come to 111 Patterson Hall to check in.  There, you will get a packet of information, a schedule, and additional information needed for your day.  The first session typically begins at 9:30am, but this may vary depending on your particular schedule. 

How long will I be on campus?
Length of time varies based on your interests.  The minimum time commitment is typically 9:30-12:10pm, however afternoon options are available (which includes a complimentary lunch for visiting student; guests will need to pay the current dining hall fee).

What does the day include?
A general college information session, a class observation for students, and a faculty meeting in your department of interest.  Our program is flexible for the afternoon so you can explore campus on your own.  CALS offers many majors.  You will learn more about the academic experience as well as our enrichment programs.  In a nutshell, we are going to explain the "perks" of our College and answer any questions you may have about CALS. 

What if I want additional information about my major of interest?
We will provide summary sheets, semester displays with courses, and a contact sheet for the major of interest you chose when registering. We will also schedule a faculty meeting so you can visit the department you want to learn about.

What if I want information about human or animal medicine opportunities (pre-med or pre-vet)?
Many CALS students have an interest in attending professional schools after they earn their degree.  We have two offices on campus (Professional Advising Centers) that can help!  If you are interested in animal medicine, then VetPAC is the place for you.  If you are interested in human health fields, you should check out HealthPAC.  These are optional afternoon visits when you register.

Is there a campus tour?
Hour long walking tours of main campus are offered through the Joyner Visitor Center.  You can schedule a tour using your wolfPAW account.  Just login and click Visit Campus.  Please note: you should schedule your tour AFTER you register for your CALS vistation day so you know which time will fit with your visitation schedule.





Interested in CALS 4 year programs

Nationally and internationally recognized, CALS offers a variety of high quality academic programs (listed below) that lead to challenging and rewarding careers, including graduate school or professional school. Our academic programs of study include disciplines in both the life sciences and the agricultural sciences.

Life Sciences Programs                        Programs in Agricultural Sciences  
Biochemistry Natural Resources   Agricultural Business Management Food Science
Biological Engineering Nutrition Science   Agricultural Education Horticulture Science
Bioprocessing Sciences Plant Biology   Agricultural Sciences Plant and Soil Sciences
Environmental Science Zoology   Animal Science Poultry Science
Microbiology     Agricultural Engineering Turfgrass Science
      Extension Education  

Students interested in medical, dental, optometry, and veterinary school can take the courses necessary to apply to these professional schools by majoring in any number of programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
Specific information regarding these options can be found at the various
departmental websites

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