NCSU CALS Academic Programs -Future Students: Scholarly Opportunities

Future Students: Scholarly Opportunities
NC State University and CALS offer many programs to challenge you to grow academically and personally. Learning opportunities abound in the classroom, laboratory, field station, and community. Some programs require application before entering NC State while others are only available after you arrive. Choose the one that is right for you! 

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Apply to the following programs before entering NC State - by invitation after you have been accepted but before the beginning of the school year.

Thomas Jefferson Scholars
Jefferson Scholars enroll in a double degree program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences [CALS] and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences [CHASS]. Special classes and a senior capstone experience as well as extracurricular activities characterize this program.

The University Scholars Program

Students from all of the colleges at North Carolina State University may be invited to participate in the University Scholars Program. A limited number of entering freshmen are invited into the program each year. Students selected for this program are able to take advantage of special courses, seminars, culturlal experiences, trips and special campus housing.

NC State University Honors Program
The University Honors Program offers a series of Honors Seminars and workshops, and requires a significant capstone research or artistic/creative experience in the discipline that focuses on the creation or expansion of new knowledge. The Seminars are designed to promote the importance of discovery, inquiry and creativity in small (20-25 students) discussion-based classes. Regardless of the course topic, students will come to understand both the history and consequences (ethical dilemmas, social and political changes, and the like) of discoveries, inventions, new art forms, new ideas, and books. Students may choose to live in the Honors Village.

To read about the essential differences between the University Scholars and the University Honors Programs, click here.

Apply to the following programs after entering NC State.

CALS Honors Program
You will be invited to participate if your GPA is 3.35 or above, after 30 credit hours

Study Abroad
Also home to National Student Exchange

Volunteer in the community or at sites around the world

Undergraduate Research

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