NCSU CALS Advancement -Featured Donors: Debbie and Joe Gordon
Featured Donors: Debbie and Joe Gordon

Chancellor Randy Woodson has announced a $3 million gift that will start the “Farm to Philanthropy” program designed to expand rural students’ access to an N.C. State University education.

The gift from Dr. Joseph K. and Deborah Kapp Gordon of Raleigh to the university’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will support a number of initiatives to better prepare rural North Carolinians for acceptance to – and then the rigors of – N.C. State. A portion of the gift will be used to start an endowment to seed the “Farm to Philanthropy” program, which affirms the university’s commitment to attracting and retaining North Carolina students. The university will seek matching gifts to grow the endowment.

“Higher education offers a path to success and this generous gift will help open the doors to college for hard-working students across North Carolina,” Woodson said.

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