CALS Endowments (alphabetized by first letter of fund name)

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- A -
A. C. and Hedwig Triantaphyllou Plant Pathology and Genetics Endowment for Graduate Programs
A. Gordon and Patricia L. Neville Animal Science Scholarship Endowment
A. J. Haynes Endowed Scholarship
A. R. Main/Becton Dickinson Endowment
A. Ray Harris Scholarship Endowment
A. Tab Williams Jr. Endowment
Ada B. Dalla-Pozza Professional Development Endowment
Adam Brent Jackson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Aggie Rogers 4-H Communication Arts Endowment
Agricultural Institute Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Agricultural Institute Scholarship Endowment
Agronomy Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Agronomy Club Scholarship Endowment
Alan Boe Beavers Memorial Scholarship
Alan C. Davis Demonstration and Research Farm & Endowment
Alfred K. Leach Memorial Scholarship
Allen and Ruth Partin Endowment
Allen Beals and Herman Sampson Agricultural Institute Scholarship Endowment
Animal Science Club Scholarship Endowment
Ann Ward Dare/Tyrrell County Extension Program Endowment
Anne Fleming Coghill Scholarship Endowment
Anne Kristine Barnes 4-H Scholarship
Armstrong/Smith 4-H Program Endowment for Henderson County
Avery County 4-H Building Endowment
Avery County 4-H Program Endowment

- B -
B. B. Brandt Zoological Science Enrichment Endowment
B. Frank Lewis Endowed Scholarship
B. H. “Brodie” Harrell Agricultural Scholarship
B. M. Newell Food Science Library Endowment
Barbara and George Blum, Jr. Scholarship
Barbara E. and Gerald A. Carlson Endowment for the Outstanding ARE Dissertation Award
BASF Corporation Innovation Endowment
Basil and Martha Cahoon 4-H Endowment for Tyrrell County
Bayer Environmental Science Professor of Sustainable Development
Bayer Environmental Science Seminar in Memory of Vince Parman
Becky Eure Rhodes and Neil Rhodes Weed Science Graduate Education Endowment
Belinda Holshouser Hester "Go Green, Think Green" 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Bell Family Foundation 4-H Endowment
Ben T. McDaniel Endowment for Dairy Graduate Student Support
Benjamin Elliott Ivie and Benjamin Elliott Ivie, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Benjamin F. and Ann B. Kissam Scholarship Endowment
Benjamin P. Forbes Company Scholarship Endowment
Benjamin Wesley Kilgore Food Science Scholarship Endowment
Berniece O. Deal 4?H Volunteer Leaders Endowment
Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Educational Center Endowment
Bill and Libby Wilder Horticultural Science Summer Camp Endowment
Bill Caldwell and Bill Collins Outstanding Agricultural Leadership Development Award Endowment
Bill Fike Teaching Garden Endowment
Billy & Wilma Caldwell Extension Leadership Award for County Extension Directors
Billy Carter Cotton Leadership Scholarship Endowment
Billy Nancy Family 4-H Meat Goat Leadership Endowment
Billy Parker Manning Scholarship
Blanton J. Whitmire Developing Countries Integrated Pest Management & Post Harvest Food Preservation Program Endowment
Blanton J. Whitmire Distinguished Professorship in Pest Management
Bob and Rose Swain Program Endowment for Duplin County Cooperative Extension
Bob D. EdwardsRestricted Endowment Supporting the Alan C. DavisResearch and Extension Farm
Bob Mashburn Turfgrass Scholarship Endowment
Bob Usry-Agribusiness/NAMA Club Scholarship Endowment
Bobby G. Wilder and Jack R. Lamm Horticultural Scholarship Endowment
Bobby G. Wilder JC Raulston Arboretum Internship Endowment
Brantley & Geri P. DeLoatche Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship
Brenda Allen Morris Family and Consumer Sciences Program Endowment
Brooks Frizzelle Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Bruce and Annie Woodard 4-H Scholarship Endowment for Johnston County
Brunswick County 4-H Program Endowment
Brunswick County San Rio Leadership Scholarship
Buck Lattimore Citizenship and Civic Responsibility Endowment
Burch Farms Endowment for Excellence in SweetPotato Research and Extension
Burke County 4-H Program Endowment
Burroughs Wellcome 4?H Environmental Center Program Endowment
Burroughs Wellcome Lectureship/Professorship in Toxicology Endowment
Burton Endo Scholarship Endowment
Buster Sykes Agricultural Demonstration Farm Endowment

- C -
C. D. Beckham Endowment
C. E. “Chuck” and Belle Gardner Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
C. F. Parrish Memorial Endowed Scholarship
C. Grier Beam Endowed Scholarship for Agriculture
C. L. Davis Program Endowment for Jones County 4-H
Cabarrus County 4-H Foundation, Inc. Endowment
CALS Alumni & Friends Society Scholarship Endowment
CALS Alumni 1992 Phonathon Endowed Scholarship
CALS Family Support Scholarship Endowment
CALS Field Laboratories Support Endowment
CALS International Programs Endowment for Excellence
Cameron H. Easton Memorial Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Camp Younts Foundation Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Scholarship Endowment
Carl V. and Louise H. Downing CES Scholarship Endowment for Randolph County
Carlisle Purvis Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Carlyle N. & Adelaide S. Clayton Graduate Research Endowment
Carmen R. "Carm" Parkhurst Poultry Science Teaching Program Endowment
Carolina Feed Industry Association Endowment
Carolyn Heavner Goodwin 4-H Endowment for Lincoln County
Carolyn J. Lackey Endowment
Carolyn Smith Ivey 4?H Scholarship Endowment
Carolyn Stanley Barnes and George Edward Barnes Graduate Scholarship Endowment for 4-H
Carolyn W. Grant National 4-H Conference Endowment
Carroll McLawhorn Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Internship Endowment
Catawba County Agricultural Extension 4-H Endowment
Cary L. McLeod 4-H Program Endowment for Moore County
Central Carolina Farm & Home Trade Show Endowment
Central Soya-Dow Poultry Science Endowed Scholarship
Chancellor Carey Bostian Scholarship Endowment
Charles and Brenda Evans Lytle Biological Sciences Endowment
Charles F. Cates Scholarship Endowment
Charles G. Wright Distinguished Professorship in Pest Management
Charles J. Nusbaum Plant Pathology Endowed Endowment
Charles L. and Samuel D. Davis Scholarship Endowment
Charles M. Brickhouse Extension Award
Charles M. Stanislaw Endowment for International Pork Production Professional Enrichment and Educational Experiences
Charles Messer Beef Scholarship Endowment for Western N.C. Youth
Charles S. and Edith K. Sullivan Endowed Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Scholarship
Charles T. and Ethel L. Larus Endowment for the JC Raulston Arboretum
Charles W. and Marilyn M. Stuber Innovation Fund
Charles W. Stuber Graduate Student Award Endowment
Charlie Z. (Zeb) and Doris Morgan Sandling Horticultural Scholarship Endowment
Chatham County 4-H Program Endowment
Chatham County Cooperative Extension Program Endowment
Chatham County Livestock Association’s John Henry Tripp Memorial Endowment
Chet and Lucy Black 4?H Professional Development Endowment
Chilton Undergraduate Research Endowment
Clara Y. Motley 4-H and Family and Consumer Sciences Award
Clay and Nancy Ferebee 4-H Livestock Endowment
Clyde L. Fore Scholarship Endowment
Clyde W. Eby Memorial Poultry Enrichment Endowment
Coastal Plain Tobacco Research & Extension Endowment
Col. & Mrs. William H. Breeze Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Commissioner Jim Graham 4-H Agriculture Endowment
Connor Kennett, Jr. Scholarship Endowment
Cooperative Extension Retirees' 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Craven County CES Crop Masters Endowment
Crawford Lentz Thomas Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Cristie Abigail "Abbi" Fleming Dairy Science Scholarship
Cumberland County 4-H Program Endowment

- D -
D. Mason Pharr Seminar Endowment
Dale & Genia Bone Scholars Endowment
Dale and Thom Henderson Internship Endowment
Dale Panaro Endowment for Pitt County 4-H
Dalton R. Proctor Extension 4?H Agents Award Endowment
Dalton R. Proctor Livestock Agent Award
Daniel Franklin Kornegay Family Endowment for Excellence in SweetPotato Research & Extension
Daniel Fromm Poultry Science Memorial Scholarship Endowment
David “Richard” Canady Scholarship Endowment
David A. Pennell Endowed Memorial Scholarship
David Anthony Godwin and Enoch E. Godwin Sr. Endowment for Excellence in SweetPotato Research & Extension
David H. Murdock Distinguished Professorship 1
David H. Murdock Distinguished Professorship 2
David H. Murdock Distinguished Professorship 3
David N. Goff Family 4-H Presentation Endowment
David R. Nimocks, Jr. Fellowship in Indoor Urban Entomology
David S. Weaver Alpha Zeta Endowed Scholarship
Davidson County Master Gardeners Association Endowment
Davie County 4-H Endowment
Dean Durward and Shirley Bateman Scholarship Endowment/Thomas Jefferson Scholars Endowment
Dee Dee and Cam Harris 4-H Talent Showcase Endowment
Degussa Feed Milling Scholarship
Delta and Pine Land Company Scholarship
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Endowment for Excellence
Department of Horticultural Science Endowment
Department of Horticultural Science England/Chelsea Workstudy Endowment
Department of Microbiology Scholarship Award Endowment
Dexter D. and Mabel G. Penny Family Farm Scholarship Endowment
Dianne M. and Henry E. Schaffer Department of Genetics Endowment for Excellence
Dick Janas Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Dinah Gore 4-H Foods, Nutrition, Fitness and Etiquette Endowment
Dinah Gore Foods, Nutrition, and Fitness Endowment
Dix Harper Scholarship Endowment
Dixie Jordan-Coats and DeLeon Wilks 4-H Program Endowment for Sampson County
Dobrogosz/Biogaia Biologics Graduate Endowment for Excellence
Donald A. Halsey Memorial Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Donald E. and Verdie S. Moreland - John T. Caldwell Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Donald Hamann Memorial Lectureship
Donald W. Baker Endowment for Excellence Pasquotank County Cooperative Extension
Donald W. Mabe Scholarship Endowment
Dorothy Austell 4-H Leadership Endowment
Douglas C. and Ellen J. Sanders Horticultural Research Endowment
Dr. Bob Mowrey Extension 4-H Horse Program Endowment
Dr. Clarence Poe Scholarship
Dr. David and Mrs. Carol Burnette 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Dean and Mrs. Martha Colvard 4-H Leadership Endowment
Dr. Eddie and Mrs. Brenda Locklear 4-H for Endowment for Robeson County
Dr. Elizabeth S. Haas Memorial Research Endowment for Women in Microbiology
Dr. Estelle Edwards White & Raymond Thomas Edwards Endowed Graduate Fellowship
Dr. Evan “Swede” Jones Memorial Animal Science Graduate Endowment for Excellence
Dr. Frank and Rachel Kirby Thomas Food Science and Family and Consumer Sciences Scholarship
Dr. Isadore and Cynthia Peppe Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Judy Mock Family and Consumer Sciences Internship Endowment
Dr. Leo W. Parks Lectureship in Microbial Physiology
Dr. Marjorie Donnelly FCS Leadership Development Endowment
Dr. Marshall K. Hill 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Mike Davis Family 4-H Endowment for Excellence and Innovation
Dr. Nadine Tope Family and Consumer Sciences Program Development Endowment
Dr. Nina Strömgren Allen Plant Biology Graduate Student Research Endowment
Dr. Opal Mann Green Engagement and Scholarship Awards Endowment
Dr. Pauline F. Calloway Family and Consumer Sciences Endowment (Harnett County)
Dr. Peggy Foegeding Memorial Food Science Scholarship Endowment
Dr. R. Reynolds Cowles Jr. and Evelyn C. Cowles Family Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Roy Lee and Virginia Brown Lovvorn Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Russell C. and Mrs. Connie H. King Extension Program Endowment
Dr. T. Carlton and Mrs. Cornelia Blalock 4-H Teen Leadership Endowment
Dr. Thomas N. Hobgood Jr. and Mrs. Miriam A. Hobgood 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Drew Griffin and Alma Robinson Roberts Environmental Research & Fellowship Endowment
Dudley C. Smith 4-H Program Endowment
Dumaine Farms Production Agriculture Scholarship Award
Duplin County CES Program Endowment
Durwood Baggett Horticulture Program Endowment for New Hanover County

- E -
E. Allen and Ann B. James Innovation Fund Endowment
E. G. Moss Tobacco Fellowship
E. Y. Floyd Endowed Scholarship
E.W. Glazener Scholarship Endowment
Eakes-Turner Food Science Scholarship Endowment
Earl B. Garrett Endowed Scholarship
Earl Wernsman Distinguished Lectureship
East Central FFA Region Endowment
Ed Terrell 4-H Program Endowment for Mitchell County
Edgar J. and Ethel B. Boone Adult Education Endowment
Edmund and Elizabeth Aycock 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Edna Mildred Cobb Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Edward H. Leagans 4-H Equine Scholarship
Edward M. Gore, Sr. / General Henry Hugh Shelton Leadership Endowment
Edward M. Gore, Sr. / Senator Jesse Helms Agricultural Legislative Internship Endowment
Edward M. Gore, Sr. Cooperative Extension Service Foundation Endowment
Edward M. Gore, Sr. Environmental Education and Research Center Endowment
Edward M. Gore, Sr. Landscapes of Opportunity Foundation Endowment
Edward M. Gore, Sr. Southeastern CES Environmental Education Endowment
Edward V. Caruolo Endowed Scholarship
Edwin F. and Jean Nolley 4-H Program for Catawba County
Egg Industry Teaching, Research and Extension Endowment
Elijah J. and Emogene L. Tyson Scholarship Endowment
Elijah J. Tyson Scholarship Endowment
Elizabeth “Beth” Schuelke / Lake Gaston Garden Club Horticultural Scholarship
Elizabeth “Dee” Furlough and Frances Voliva Family and Consumer Science Program Endowment
Eloise S. Cofer 4-H Family and Consumer Science Scholarship
Eloise S. Cofer 4-H Scholarship Endowment for Family and Consumer Sciences
Eloise S. Cofer Endowment
Eloise S. Cofer Family and Community Issues Forum Endowment
Ernest Hodgson Toxicology Education Endowment
Ernest R. Ellis Agricultural & Extension Education Award Endowment
Eugene J. Kamprath Soil Science Endowment
Eustace O. Beasley Biological and Agricultural Engineering Scholarship
Evander Ayers Davis Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Evelyn Deans Deloatch and Louise Casterlow Deans Family and Consumer Sciences Program Endowment
Everett W. Byrd Endowment
Exum Regional Environmental Education Extension and Research Consortium Endowment
Exum Unit Scholarship Endowment
Ezra L. Howell and Dorothy Weeks Howell Scholarship

- F -
4-H Camp Development Endowment
4-H Fashion Revue Award
F. J. Hassler Graduate Fellowship Endowment
Farris “Pass it On” 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Felton P. Coley Scholarship Endowment
FFA Blake C. Lewis Jr. Scholarship Endowment
FFA Bryan Family Endowment
FFA Carl Victor Tart, Sr. Endowment
FFA Charles L. Keels Scholarship Endowment
FFA Cy Vernon Scholarship Endowment
FFA Endowment
FFA Ernest Ellis Trust Endowment
FFA Ferebee, Guard & Stuart Scholarship Endowment
FFA Legacy at Jordan Lake Endowment
Fike-Chapin Agronomy Club and Crop Science Scholarship Endowment
Fike-Leagan Scholarship Endowment
First Lt. Joshua Deese Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Florence McCaskill Brooks 4-H Clothing Endowment
Floyd G. Elliott and Dollie W. Elliott Animal Science Scholarship Endowment
Food Science Club Endowment
Food Science Teaching and Training Laboratory Equipment, Maintenance and Personnel Endowment
Forbush High School Agriculture Scholarship Endowment
Forsyth County 4-H Program Endowment
Foy and G. E. Fisher Endowed Scholarship
Frances G. Turner Family and Consumer Sciences Program Endowment
Frank and Elizabeth Spencer 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Frank and Leola Meador 4-H Electric Program Endowment
Frank Parker Farm Agricultural Extension & Research Endowment
Frank R. Craig Endowment
Franklin E. Correll Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment
Frankye Susanne Ebert Memorial 4-H Endowment
Fred & Dot Wagoner 4-H Camp Repair and Renovation Endowment
Fred and Dot Wagoner 4-H Forestry Endowment
Fred D. Cochran Horticultural Scholarship Endowment
Fred E. Lay Endowment
Fred G. Bond Tobacco Scholarship Endowment
Fred R. Tarver, Jr. Poultry Products Scholarship
Freeman W. Cook Poultry Endowed Scholarship
Furney A. Todd Memorial Education Endowment

- G -
G. Dewey Arndt Memorial Scholarship Endowment
G. K. and Diane Davis & W. Ray Murley Dairy Judging Team Endowment
G. L. and Sadie S. Winchester Endowed Scholarship
Gary Powers Memorial Endowment for Agricultural Leadership
Gary Stott Memorial 4-H Swine Endowment
Gates County 4-H Camp and Congress Program Endowment
Gates County 4-H Professional Development Endowment
Gates County 4-H Program Endowment
General Fund Endowment - NC 4-H Program Endowment
General Henry Hugh Shelton Leadership Endowment
General Scholarship Endowment
Gennard Matrone Memorial Lectureship Endowment
George and Gladys Spain Scholarship
George and Linda McAuley Family 4-H Dairy Foods Endowment
George B. Lucas Memorial Scholarship Endowment
George Hyatt Extension Award Endowment
George J. & Rhoda W. Kriz Faculty Study Leave Endowment
George S. Coble Endowment for Excellence Endowment in Dairy Science
George Smedes Poyner Endowed Scholarship
George Stoudemire Memorial Scholarship
George T. & Marina T. Barthalmus Life Sciences Scholarship
George Upton, Jr. Livestock Endowment for Sampson County
George W. Smith 4-H Endowment
Georgia Wade and Louis Marvin Butts, and Sarah Ann Butts Sasser 4-H Endowment
Georgina Mallory Werner and Dennis James Werner Horticultural Science Undergraduate Education Scholarship Endowment
Gerald B. and Joyce K. Havenstein Poultry Science Endowment For Graduate Student Travel to Scientific Meetings
Gerald Elkan Distinguished Lectureship
Gerry Luginbuhl Thomas Jefferson Scholars Endowment
GlaxoSmithKline Endowment (Eastern 4?H Center)
Glenn C. Klingman Weed Science Apprenticeship Endowment
Gloria Best Artis Greene County Training Endowment
"Go Green, Think Green" 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Gold Leaf Seed Company Tobacco Fellowship
Gordon E. Sawyer 4-H Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Governor and Mrs. James B. Hunt Jr. 4-H Scholarship for Wilson County
Grace Duke and John "Jack" Parker Extension Endowment for Northampton County
Grady and Geneva Martin Scholarship
Graham County 4-H Endowment
Granville County Cattlemen's Association Scholarship Endowment
Greene County 4-H Program Endowment
Greene County CES Program Endowment
Greene County Livestock Association Scholarship
Grover C.  Miller Scholarship
Guilford County 4-H Program Endowment
Guilford Dairy Cooperative Association Endowment for Excellence in Dairy Science
Guilford Soil and Water Conservation District Scholarship Endowment

- H -
H. B. and Edna A. Crumpler Scholarship Award Endowment
H. Bradford Craig Scholarship for Excellence Endowment
H. Brooks James Memorial Endowed Scholarship
H. H. Harris and 4-H Centennial Birthday Endowment
H. Hawkins Bradley Scholarship Endowment
Ham Farms and Produce Company Endowment for Excellence in SweetPotato Research & Extension
Hanns-Dieter Alhusen Swine Education Scholarship
Harnett County Cooperative Extension Endowment
Harry B. Caldwell Endowed Scholarship
Harvey Bumgardner Endowment for the JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State
Harvey L. and Kathleen R. Barnes Scholarship Endowment
Harvey L. Cromroy Entomology Scholarship Endowment
Hase H. and Lena Maie Smith Food Science Scholarship Endowment
Helene Knight 4-H Scholarship for Gates County
Henry D. Bowen Fellowship Endowment
Henry Dameron 4-H Presentation Endowment
Henry F. Chancy & Laurie Barnes Chancy Endowment for Excellence in SweetPotato Research & Extension
Henry L. Lucas, Jr. Memorial Research Assistantship
Henry M. Covington Endowment for Excellence in Sweetpotato Research and Extension
Henry Steinmetz Endowed Horticultural Scholarship Endowment
Henry W. Garren Memorial Poultry Science Scholarship Endowment
Herb Society of America - NC Unit Scholarship
Hershel M. & Agnes S. Williams Endowment for Excellence in SweetPotato Research & Extension
Hertford County 4?H Program Endowment
Hilda Teague Cope Endowment for the Eastern 4-H Center
Hill Top Farms for Excellence in SweetPotato Research and Extension
Hobbton FFA Danger, Daughtry, Davis Endowment
Holly Farms Endowed Poultry Scholarship
Horace B. Hord Agricultural and Resource Economics Scholarship Endowment
Horticulture Club JC Raulston Scholarship Endowment
Howard L. Dalton Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Howie "Oscar" Smith Pioneer Plant Breeding Fellowship
Huddleston Family 4-H Electric Scholarship Endowment
Hugh C. Kiger Distinguished University Professorship
Hugh C. Winslow Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Hugh Hammond Bennett Fellowship Endowment in Soil Science

- I -
I. O. Schaub Endowment
I. O. Schaub 4-H Endowment
Ila McIlwean White Family and Consumer Sciences Program Endowment
Isabella Cannon Arboretum Internship Endowment
Issac Daniel and Lucy Gentry Long Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Ivan & Lillian T.  Jones Food Science Scholarship

- K -
Katherine B. Lyons Family and Consumer Sciences Endowment
Kathleen Scott Family Endowment for ECA/FCS in Wilson County
Keith D. and Dayle R. Oakley Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Kelly 4?H Scholarship Trust
Kelman Memorial Scholarship
Kelman Scholars Program Endowment
Ken Esbenshade Animal Science Scholarship Endowment
Kendall Hill Endowment for Excellence in SweetPotato Research & Extension
Kenneth L. Koonce Graduate Fellowship
Kenneth R. Butcher Endowment for Dairy Records Management Systems
Kenneth R. Keller Research Award Endowment
Kevin Ihnen Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Kevin M. Onstott Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Keystone Field to Market Endowment
Kilgore-Poe Endowed Scholarship Endowment for Agricultural Education
Kim Powell Horticultural Science and Landscape Architecture Scholarship Endowment
Klein-Pringle White Garden Endowment

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- L -
L. R. Harrill 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Larry A. Whitford Botany Scholarship Endowment
Larry and Joyce Bass Family 4-H Horticultural Science Awards Endowment
Larry F. Grand Mycological Herbarium Endowment
Larry M. and Rita P. Sykes Scholarship Endowment
Larry S. and Brenda B. Francis Entrepreneurship Scholarship Endowment
Lathan Smith 4?H Agents' Endowment
Laura Lee Starling Memorial Scholarship
Laura Medlen Whatley and Thomas L. Whatley Crop Science Endowment for Emergency Student Support
Le and Clark Erwin Family Farm Extension Endowment for Burke County
Lee R. Barnes Family Scholarship Endowment
Lee W. and Ruth C. Herrick Scholarship Endowment
Leigh H. Hammond Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) Scholarship Endowment
Lemuel B. Ray State FFA Leadership Conference Endowment
Lemuel “Lem” Goode and Lucy Goode Animal Science Scholarship Endowment.
Lenoir County CES Program Endowment
Leon Brickhouse Albemarle 4-H Livestock Endowment
Leonard and Frances Crouch Scholastic Achievement Award
Leonard W. Aurand Scholarship Endowment
Lewis A. Sikes Scholarship
Lewis Smith Cooperative Extension Service Agricultural Enhancement Endowment
Lewis Stillman Howe, III Horticulture Scholarship
Linville L. & Ola W. Hendren Scholarship Endowment
Linwood H. Scott Jr. Endowment for Excellence in SweetPotato Research & Extension
Lloyd T. Weeks Endowed Scholarship
Lois and Bill Hunley 4-H Program Endowment for Union County
Lois G. Britt Outstanding Extension Agent Award Endowment
Lorna W. Langley 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Lt. Colonel Fred W. and Shirley C. Burt Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Luther B. and Mildred L. Robinson 4-H Endowment
Lyman B. Dixon, Sr. 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Lynn and Beth Turner Student Leaders Scholarship

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- M -
M. B. "Dutch" Gardner Poultry Science Memorial Endowment
M. G. Mann Endowment for Excellence Endowment in Agricultural and Resource Economics
M. Louise Thomas Enhancement Endowment
Macon County 4-H Program Endowment
“Making Magic:  An Alliance for Kids” Enhancement and Trust Endowment
Manning/Blanchard Endowment for Undergraduate Education
Margaret "Margie" P. Collins Endowment for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Margaret Pittman Horticultural Science Scholarship Endowment
Marian Nottingham Finley and Marian Nottingham Rice Rose Garden Endowment
Marie L. Holt Scholarship
Marion and Jane Dilday Scholarship
Marshall and Jan Stewart Leadership Endowment for FFA and 4-H Youth Development
Martha and Jerry Hardesty Family and Consumer Sciences Endowment
Martha and T. T. Archer 4?H Family and Consumer Science Endowment
Martha Sue Sebastian Endowment
Marvin and Grace Johnson Poultry Science Scholarship Endowment
Marvin McClam Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Marvin P. Taylor Endowed Scholarship Endowment
Marvin R. Godfrey Scholarship Endowment
Mary Russ Family and Consumer Science Endowment for Brunswick County
Mary Ruth Sheets 4-H Community Service Endowment
Maurene Stewart Rickards Family and Consumer Sciences Foundation Endowment
Max Erwin 4-H Endowment
Maynard L. and Brenda W. Self & W. Ray Murley Dairy Judging Team Endowment
McDowell County 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Melvin B. and Clara C. Morris Agronomy Endowment
Memorial Endowment of the North Carolina 4-H Volunteer Leaders’ Association
Merck Frosst Endowment for Structure Based Drug Discovery
Metzger Family Biological and Agricultural Engineering Endowed Scholarship
Michael E. Duke Memorial Seminar Endowment
Michael J. and Claudia N. Vepraskas Soil Science Teaching Award
Midway FFA Chapter Endowment
Mildred S. Edeson Endowment
Millstone 4-H Camp Campaign Endowment
Minnie Miller Brown Award
Mitchell County 4?H Discovery Scholarship
Mitchell County 4-H Program Endowment
Mitchell F. Allen, Jr. Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Monteverdi Pay It Forward 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Montgomery County 4-H Program Endowment
Mose and Helen Kiser Endowed Scholarship
Mozelle Parker Family and Consumer Sciences Endowment
Murphy Farms (CALS) Endowment
Murphy Farms, Inc. Endowment
Murray and Anna Goodwin 4?H Award for Chowan Count

- N -
Nash County 4-H Program Endowment
Nash County Arboretum Endowment
NC 4-H Development Endowment Program Endowment
NC 4-H Livestock Board of Directors Leadership Endowment
NC 4-H Livestock Endowment
NC 4-H Volunteer Leader's Association Endowment
NC 4-H Volunteer Leaders’ Association Memorial Endowment
NC Ag Communicators Network Scholarship Endowment
NC Association of County Agricultural Agents Program & Awards Endowment
NC Association of County Agricultural Agents Youth Scholarship Endowment
NC Blueberry Council Research and Extension Endowment
NC Cooperative Extension Service Retirees Scholarship Endowment
NC County Agricultural Agents Association Endowment
NC Dairy Youth Foundation Endowment
NC Extension and Community Association Jane S. McKimmon, Estelle T. Smith and Dazelle P. Lowe Educational Scholarship Endowment
NC Family and Consumer Sciences Foundation Founders and Friends Endowment
NC Farm Bureau Federation Endowment
NC Horticultural Council Endowed Scholarship
NC Pork Council 4-H Livestock Endowment
NC Pork Council Scholarship Endowment
NC Poultry Industry Endowment
NC Section ASABE Endowed Scholarship
NC Section ASABE, Student Activities Endowment
NC Seedsmen's Association Scholarship Endowment and Foil W. McLaughlin Fellowship Award
NC State Fair Livestock Hall of Fame Animal Science Scholarship
NC State Insect Museum Endowment
NC State University Collegiate FFA Scholarship Endowment
NC Tobacco Trust Endowment Commission Agricultural Leadership Development Endowment
NC Turfgrass Foundation for Research and Education Endowment
NC Weather-Based Pest Advisory Endowment
NCAA Endowment for Excellence
NCAE4HA Professional Development Endowment
NCAN Research and Extension Endowment
Neil and Nancy Webb Memorial Food Science Scholarship Endowment
Norfleet (Fleet) L. Sugg Scholarship and Fellowship Endowment
Norris Tolson Family CALS Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment
North Carolina 4-H Alumni and Friends Association 4-H Scholarship Endowment
North Carolina 4?H Honor Club Citizenship Awards Endowment
North Carolina 4-H Honor Club Endowment
North Carolina 4?H Horse Scholarship Endowment
North Carolina 4-H Volunteer Leaders’ Association Endowment
North Carolina Agricultural & Life Sciences Research Foundation Endowment for Excellence
North Carolina Agriculture Teachers Association Scholarship Endowment
North Carolina Association of Agricultural Fairs Scholarship Endowment
North Carolina Association of Extension 4-H Agents Professional Development Endowment
North Carolina Cattlemen’s Foundation Research Endowment
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Foundation Endowment
North Carolina Dairy Foundation James A. Graham Scholars Endowment
North Carolina Expanded Foods and Nutrition Education Program Endowment
North Carolina Extension and Community Association Endowment for Leadership Development
North Carolina Farm Bureau 4-H Agricultural Leadership Endowment
North Carolina FFA Alumni's North Carolina FFA Center Endowment
North Carolina Foundation Seed Producers Plant Breeding Endowment
North Carolina Junior Beef Round-Up Senior Showmanship Scholarship
North Carolina Master Gardeners Endowment
North Carolina Pest Control Association Structural Pest Management Fellowship Endowment
North Carolina Pork Council 4-H Livestock Endowment
North Carolina State University Agromedicine Institute Endowment
North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission, Inc. Scholarship
North Carolina Vegetation Management Association Scholarship
North Iredell High School Agriculture Scholarship Endowment
Northeast FFA Region Endowment
Northwest District Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Enhancement Endowment

- O -
Olaf and Rosa A. Wakefield Alpha Zeta Scholarship
Olaf and Rosa A. Wakefield Scholarship Endowment
Orange County "Friends of the NC Breeze Family Farm" Program Endowment
Oscar G. Penegar Environmental Education Program Endowment
Oscar S. Bleezarde Pre-Veterinary Scholarship Endowment

- P -
P. Allen Hammer International Floriculture Graduate Endowment
Pasquotank County 4-H Program Endowment
Patricia Mary Greatorex Scholarship
Paul Elam McCarthy Memorial
Paul Henry Harvey Scholarship Endowment
Perry L. and Doris T. Teeter 4-H Beef Leadership Endowment
Person County 4-H Program Endowment
Person County Cattleman’s Association Endowment for the Rocky Carver Memorial Scholarship
Phi Tau Sigma Food Science Technical Staff Professional Development Endowment
Philip Morris Extension Professorship Endowment
Pi Alpha Xi Scholarship
Pi Alpha Xi Travel Scholarship
Pinnix Farm Agricultural Research and Extension Endowment
Pitt County 4-H Program Endowment
Plant Food Association of NC Scholarship Endowment
Plant Pathology Graduate Research Endowment
Preston, Marsha and Brooke Cornelius 4-H Beef Scholarship Endowment
Pugg Hollowell-Effie Vines Gordon Memorial Endowment for Nash County 4-H

- Q -
Quentin & Evelyn Patterson Scholarship

- R -
R. J. Reynolds Agricultural Endowment
R. M. “Pete” Thompson Agricultural Scholarship
R. Milton Coleman and Kay M. Coleman 4-H Awards Endowment
R. S. "Dad" Dunham Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Raby Leigh (Ray) Traylor III Memorial Scholarship
Rachel Kirby Thomas & Dr. Frank Bancroft Thomas 4-H Foods & Nutrition Endowment
Raleigh Garden Club Scholarship Endowment
Raleigh Hemerocallis Club Scholarship
Ralph J. Glasnapp Horticultural Science Scholarship Endowment
Randall and Susan Ward University Scholars Program
Randall V. & Erika W. Canady Scholarship Endowment
Randolph Agricultural Event Center Endowment
Randolph G. Gardner Graduate Endowment for Excellence
Randy L. Rose Memorial Habitat Garden Endowment
Ray E. Hollowell, Sr. Endowed Chair
Ray Wilkinson 4-H Communications Award Endowment
Ray Wilkinson 4-H Communications Scholarship
Raymond F. Shearin Scholarship Endowment
Raymond P. Cunningham Endowment
Reagan Ammons Agricultural Endowment
Reba Green-Holley 4-H Endowment for Gates County
Reece and Jessie Crouse 4?H Scholarship Endowment
Reinard Harkema Endowment for Zoology
Richard and Myrtle Freeman 4-H Camp Endowment for Guilford & Randolph Counties
Richard T. Liles Leadership Seminar Endowment
Rick Smith Agricultural Institute Scholarship Endowment
Rigdon “Bob Smith Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Robert and Cora Barbee Winchester Endowment
Robert and Helen Runion 4?H Scholarship Endowment
Robert Andrew and Henrietta Fleming Agricultural Scholarship
Robert E. and Betty H. Cook Poultry Science Scholarship Endowment for Excellence Endowment
Robert E. Lyons JCRA Internship Endowment
Robert Emerson Black Endowment
Robert G. and Agnes D. Shipley Agricultural Endowment for Watauga County
Robert H. & Belle A. Tilley Endowment For Excellence
Robert H. Hartman Graduate Endowment
Robert H. McInnis Memorial Endowment for Camp Challenge
Robert J. & Elaine Conner Endowed Scholarship
Robert L. and Sue M. Daughtridge - Johnn T. Caldwell Endowed Scholarship Endowment
Robert L. Rabb Environmental Science Lectureship Endowment
Robert L. Weintraub Botany Fellowship
Robert Lee Lewis Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Robert Lopp Endowment for Cooperative Extension Service Programs in Davidson County
Robert N. Wood Collegiate 4?H Scholarship
Robert N. Wood Scholarship Endowment
Robert N. Wood Scholarship Endowment - CVDPA
Robert N. Wood Tobacco Scholarship
Robert R. Fountain Memorial Scholarship
Robert W. Bottcher Memorial Biological & Agricultural Engineering Endowment
Robert Wilkes 4-H Entrepreneurship Endowment for Robeson County
Rockingham County CES Endowment
Rockingham County Cooperative Extension Volunteers Endowment for FCS Programs
Rockingham County 4-H Endowment
Roderick Harvey and Elizabeth Ann Roberts Morris Endowment
Roger and Elsie Hyatt 4-H Program Endowment for Graham County
Roger and Phyllis McCraw Animal Science Scholarship Endowment
Ronald E. Sneed NC Irrigation Society Scholarship Endowment
Rose and Ed Phillips Horticultural Scholarship Endowment
Ross B. Leidy Environmental Research Symposium Endowment
Rowland Family CES Internship Endowment
Roy A. Larson Floricultural Scholarship Endowment
Roy Lee and Virginia Brown Lovvorn Scholarship Endowment
Roy R. and Alice Barber Bennett Scholarship Endowment
Ruby H. Ingold and Winfred L. Ingold Jr. Endowment
Ruby Vann Crumpler McSwain Extension and Research Endowment
Rudolph Carl Ellis 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Russell and Eugenia Walcott 4-H Program Endowment for Polk County
Russell S. and Eugenia B. Walcott Endowment
Russell S. Flowers Teaching & Training Endowment for Food Safety & Quality

- S -
S. Vernon Stevens Endowment
Sadie Burbage Whitley 4-H Volunteer Endowment
Sam D. Dewar Agriculture Education Scholarship Endowment
Samuel B. Tove Graduate Teaching Awards Endowment
Sandler Environmental Leadership Endowment
Sarah Catharine and John Henry McCaskill 4-H Plant Science Endowment
Sarah Nixon ECA Endowment for Lincoln County
Sarah Nixon Family and Consumer Sciences Scholarship Endowment
Scott Harry Unit Scholarship Endowment
Sea Oats and Wetland Plant Evaluation Center Endowment
Senator James Speed Memorial Scholarship Endowment (sponsored by the Franklin County Cattlemen's Association)
Senator Jesse Helms Agricultural Legislative Internship Endowment
Seth S. and Jean Fish Endowment
Severn Peanut Company/Hampton Farms Scholarship
Shelmer D. and Ruby Pardue Blackburn Endowment
Shenile Ford Family and Consumer Sciences Endowment for Greene County
South Central FFA Region Endowment
Southeast District Agritourism Task Force Endowment
Southeast Region FFA Endowment
Southern Guildford FFA Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Southern States Cooperative Feed Mill Science Scholarship Endowment
Southern Vines Distinguished Professorship in Viticulture and Enology
Southern Vines Viticulture, Enology, and Horticulture Endowment for Cooperative Extension
Southern Vines Viticulture/Enology Apprenticeship and Internship Endowment
Southwest FFA Region Endowment
Stan and Vanessa Dixon Greene County 4-H Camping Endowment
Stanly County 4-H Program Endowment
Stephanie Christine Anderson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Stephanie Corinne Huffer Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Steve and Sharon Runion Rowland 4-H Leadership and Citizenship Endowment
Steve Coble Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Steve E. Smith Agricultural Institute Scholarship
Steven and Janet A. Leath Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Stokes County 4-H Endowment
Sue Counts Endowment for Family & Community Development Programs in Watauga County
Susan McCaskill Morgan Endowment Supporting the Expanded Foods and Nutrition Education Program in the Southeast District
Syngenta Crop Protection 4-H Endowment

- T -
T. Clyde & Sally Watts Auman Endowed Scholarship
T. Newton & Josephine Cook Scholarship
T. R. "Sonny" Batten Memorial Endowment
T. T. Brown Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Tarheel Supplymen's Endowment for Excellence in Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences
TCNC Eagles Award Endowment
Terry and Sigrid McCain 4?H Dairy Scholarship
Texas Pete Food Science Scholarship Endowment
Thearon and Vanette McKinney American Youth Foundation Leadership Conference Scholarship Endowment
Thelma McKoy 4-H Camp Endowment
Thomas A. Carter Family 4-H Poultry Science Scholarship Endowment
Thomas A. Dixon and Margaret L. Dixon Animal Science Scholarship
Thomas Frank & Sarah Jane Christenbury Moore Endowment for Research in Agriculture & Life Sciences
Thomas H. and Ola Mae Parker Sears Endowed Scholarship
Thomas J. and Virginia S. Monaco Horticultural Science Graduate Fellowship Endowment for Diversity
Thomas Jefferson Scholars Alumni Endowment Honoring Gerald Elkan & John Riddle
Thomas L. Quay Wildlife and Natural Resources Undergraduate Experiential Learning Award
Thomas N. Blumer Endowment
Thomas S. and Dorothy L. Waller Memorial Endowment
Tim and R.J. Peppe Military Leadership Scholars Endowment
Titmus Foundation Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Toby Bost Urban Tree Endowment
Tom and Louise Morris Scholarship Endowment
Tom and Nancy Bland Scholarship Endowment
Tom Hester Fellowship Endowment
Tommy McPherson Dairy Science Scholarship Endowment
Toxicology Founders Fellowship Endowment
Tyrrell County 4?H Foundation Program Endowment

- U -
Unit Scholarship Endowment
Upper Piedmont Research Station Endowment

- V -
Van S. Watson, Jr. Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Vernon James 4-H Scholarship Endowment
Vernon James Research and Extension Center Scholarship Endowment
Vick Family Farms Endowment for Excellence in SweetPotato Research & Extension
Victor A. and Maryetta Jones Scholarship
Victor E. Bell, Jr. and Jane McNair Bell Family 4-H Enhancement Endowment
Victoria Jean Cope 4-H Agents Award
Victoria Jean Cope 4?H Scholarship Endowment

- W -
W. B. "Bob" Jenkins Agricultural Scholarship
W. C. Breeze Family Farm Agricultural Fellowship, Extension and Research Endowment
W. E. Cooper Plant Pathology Memorial Endowment
W. F. and Mozelle Parker Scholarship Endowment
W. F. Phillips Agricultural Institute Scholarship
W. H. Rankin Soil Judging Team Endowment
W. J. Peele Scholarship Endowment
W. K. Kellogg Endowed Chair in Sustainable Food Systems
W. L. "Bill" Carpenter Scholarship
W. L. Clevenger Food Science Library Endowment
W. L. Teeter Family 4?H Scholarship Endowment
W. N. Reynolds Agricultural Endowment
W. R. Prince Poultry Scholarship Endowment
W. Ray Murley Dairy Judging Team Endowment
Wake County CES Youth Horticulture Program Endowment
Wake County Extension and Community Association Maude P. McInnes Scholarship Endowment
Wake County Farm Bureau Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Wake County Junior Horticulture Club Program Endowment
Wallace Moore, Jr. Graduate Fellowship Endowment in Horticultural Science
Walter E. Ballinger Endowed Scholarship
Walter Ellis Everett Endowed Scholarship
Warren Farming Partnership Endowment for Excellence in SweetPotato Research & Extension
Wayne and Judy Skaggs Endowment for Water Resources and the Hydrology of Poorly Drained Lands
Wayne County 4-H Program Endowment
Weed Science Society of North Carolina Endowment
Wendell H. McKenzie Genetics Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment
West Central FFA Region Endowment
West Region FFA Endowment
Western NC Camp Program Endowment
Wilkes Area Poultry Scholarship Endowment
Wilkes County Scholarship Endowment
Will Ellis Memorial NCSU/Unit Scholarship Fund, Inc. Endowment
Willard Wesley “Wes” Weeks Endowment
William “Bill” Henry Thompson, Jr. Scholarship Endowment
William D. Toussaint Agricultural and Resource Economics Scholarship Endowment
William D. Toussaint Endowment
William E. Sawyer Memorial 4?H Scholarship Endowment
William G. and Verlee West Crump Horticultural Scholarship Endowment
William H. Culpepper, Jr. Aquatic Faculty Award
William Hassler Memorial Fisheries Graduate Award Endowment
William Hugh and Glenda Noble Johnson Graduate Engineering Fellowship Stipend Endowment
William K. and Ann T. Collins/John T. Caldwell Alumni Scholarship Endowment
William Leslie Barnhill Scholarship Endowment
William Little Memorial Poultry Scholarship Endowment
William Michael Vatavuk Memorial 4-H Scholarship Endowment
William P. Edwards and the W. Parker Edwards Scholarship Endowment
William Parker Edwards Scholarship Endowment
William R. Winslow Scholarships
William S. and Melda B. Lamm Crop Science Endowment for Excellence
William S. and Melda B. Lamm Scholarship
William S. and Sue Nichols Lefes 4-H Endowment for International Programs
William Walton and Emily Inscoe Stevens Soil Conservation Scholarship/Fellowship Endowment
Williamsdale Farm Agricultural Extension and Research & the Henry C. and Mary Lou Williams Carr Scholarship Endowment
Willie G. Woltz Soil Science Enrichment Endowment
Wilson County Extension & Community Association Lois Rainwater Educational Scholarship Endowment
Wilson County Young Farmers Association 4-H Scholarship Endowment Fund
Woodrow and Eunice Colclough Scholarship
Worth M. Helms Family Endowment

- X -- Y -- Z -
Yancey County 4-H Program Endowment
Zack and Mary Ladd Scholarship Endowment
Zucker Turfgrass Management/Landscape Maintenance Scholarship Endowment

Please note: this list is constantly growing and changing. If we have left out an account unintentionally, please email