Zoetis Poultry Health Scholars
Question: What does receiving this scholarship mean to you?

I am honored to be a Zoetis Poultry Health Scholar.  Early in high school, I had the vision that I wanted to be one of the few that feeds the many.  Agriculture is my passion. I am a double major in Poultry Science and Animal Science with minors in Biotechnology and Agricultural Business Management.  The Biotechnology minor is a direct result of my association with the Zoetis Poultry Health Scholar program.

Zoetis' investment in youth today builds strong leaders for the future.  During my days at NCSU, my time has been spent building relationships with peers, professors, staff, and the business community to grow my skill sets and industry knowledge.  I serve as Chair of the NCSU Collegiate Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers and President of the NCSU Poultry Science Club. With the scholarship, my attention is focused on lectures and class work as the financial burden was limited. My self confidence increased and accounted for my continual Dean’s List ranking.  I only worked during summer months where my entire focus was on completing my assigned task and studying the company’s direction. I am so grateful to be a Zoetis Poultry Health Scholar and I am so appreciative of their investment in my future.  

Ann Margaret
Majors in Poultry Science and Animal Science
Minors in Biotechnology and Agricultural Business Management
L.R. Harrill 4-H Scholarship Recipient


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