NC Soybean Producer's Assoc. Annual Scholarship Award
Question: What does receiving this scholarship mean to you?

Growing up on a farm, I was taught the value of a dollar very early in life.  Our immediate family provided most of the labor for our farm, and between raising cattle, tobacco, wheat, soybeans and corn, there was always plenty of work to go around.  Both of my parents have bachelor's degrees, and they encouraged my siblings and I to go college.  They wanted us to expand our horizons and make sure we had the education necessary to find employment outside the farm if that was the path we decided to take.  Unfortunately the disposable income which our farm generated was not enough to pay for our education, and my siblings and I were responsible for paying our way through college.  The Soybean Growers Association Scholarship has been a true blessing in that it has paid for almost all of my tuition this year, and by doing so, has allowed me to devote more time to my school work which I would have spent seeking part-time employment.  I am very interested in a career in plant breeding, specifically in agronomic crops such as soybeans, corn and wheat.  Depending on the job opportunities present when I graduate with my master's in plant breeding, a career in Soybean breeding is a definite and preferable option.

Joseph Cheek
Junior in Agronomic Science
President of the NCSU Agronomy Club

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