Advancement Advantage 
Guide to Services


The mission of the Office of College Advancement is to enhance, promote, and support the academic programs, research and extension efforts of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

To succeed in this mission, we must work closely with the CALS faculty, staff and administrators who provide leadership for these programs.

College Advancement is comprised of three primary divisions: Development, Alumni and Friends, and College Relations. This information is designed to educate CALS faculty, staff and administrators about the resources available through these divisions. By doing so, we hope to expand access to our services, and increase support of and service to departments and College-wide initiatives. We welcome your feedback on how we can better serve the College.


Development officers work with administrators, faculty and staff to increase private support for students, faculty and staff development, facilities, programs, special projects and other College initiatives. Some development staff have College-wide responsibilities in areas such as gift planning, research, extension, or academic support. Others serve particular departments or programs, and are organized in two working groups, one serving primarily Academic Programs and Research, the other Cooperative Extension and Youth Development. Please see the contact listing below for development staff focus areas.

Focus Area Contact (area code = 919 unless specified)
Academic Programs and departmental fundraising; CALS Donor Services Chris Cammarene-Wessel
CALS Advancement-University COMM Liaison (press releases, feature stories, articles [print and online]), REACH editor Suzanne Stanard
Cooperative Extension Service Sonia Murphy
Dairy industry Keith Oakley 515-9262
4-H Development Fund, Awards, History and Learning Center, Camperships Craven Hudson
FFA Joshua Starling 513-7068
JC Raulston Arboretum major donors, events
JC Raulston Arboretum memberships
Anne Porter 513-3463
Judy Morgan-Davis
Land gifts Keith Oakley 515-9262
Major and Leadership Giving Chandy Christian
North Carolina Agricultural Research Service, NC Agricultural and Life Sciences Research Foundation Catherine Maxwell 513-8294
NC FCS Foundation and NC ECA Foundation Wilma Hammett
Planned giving De Teague 513-2950
Tobacco Education and Research Council, Inc. (TERC) Keith Oakley 515-9262
Kathy Kennel 515-9259
Tobacco industry Keith Oakley 515-9262
Bill Collins  513-2944
818-4529 (cell)

Services include:

  • Assistance in identifying funding sources
  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Providing lists for mailings and events
  • Donor and prospect research
  • Contact and follow-up with prospective donors
  • Proposal preparation assistance, facilitation and management
  • Development of print and web-based information on funding opportunities and gift planning
  • Presentations to faculty and staff about College Advancement resources
  • Presentations to faculty, staff, alumni and friends about funding initiatives
  • Customized seminars/workshops on topics including
    • Tobacco buyout legislation and its impact for tobacco quota owners and producers
    • basic estate and gift planning
    • estate planning for singles/surviving spouses
    • advanced gift planning strategies
  • Individual gift illustrations involving gifts of cash, property, bequests, trusts and annuities demonstrating income and tax implications
  • Ongoing cultivation and stewardship of donors, including receipts and acknowledgments, endowment signing ceremonies, invitations to CALS and University-sponsored special events, holiday remembrances and more personal thank-you gestures as appropriate
  • Faculty and volunteer education, training and support for private resource development initiatives
  • Identification and solicitation of event sponsors
  • Coordination of departmental prospects to eliminate conflicts when approaching prospects that have a variety of interests within and outside CALS
  • Facilitation of university approval process for philanthropic foundation proposals
  • Marketing and external relations for CALS projects, programs, iniatives; public relations for CALS Advancement (donors, alumni, friends, advocates)


CALS Alumni and Friends Society staff support departmental and College-wide efforts to increase the involvement of alumni, friends and other constituents.

Contacts: Celeste Brogdon, 515-7857; Anna Grantonic, 515-6212

Services include:

  • Departmental alumni and student events, including financial assistance, planning, invitations, door prizes, and event facilitation
  • Alumni lists for mailings and events
  • Annual Tailgate Celebration: planning, coordination, logistics, event management
  • CALS Retired Faculty and Staff activities and communications
  • CALS Alumni Awards
  • CALS Alumni apparel
  • CALS spirit/promotional items: pens, pom-poms, cups, other novelty items with the CALS logo
  • CALS Alumni newsletter via email, web and print
  • CALS Walkway of Champions: Patterson Hall honorary brick project


College Advancement administrative staff members provide invaluable support in every aspect of development and alumni and college relations. Many faculty and department heads work closely with them in monitoring their gift accounts.
Services include:

  • Account and fund balances

  • Check deposits

  • Receipts and acknowledgements

  • Memorial and honorary gift notification

  • Donor reports

  • Other income

  • Focus area

  • Contact

  • Overall Business Unit Manager

    Business Officer

Kathy Kennel


Tom Mease

  • Cooperative Extension and 4-H & FCS

  • Academic Programs and Research


  • The Director CALS Advancement External Relations oversees advocacy efforts for the college. In addition, development officers work closely with University COMM staff to increase awareness of development and alumni initiatives and opportunities.

  • Contact: Celeste Brogdon, 515-7857; Anna Grantonic, 515-6212


IIncludes additional areas of responsibility not mentioned previously.

Keith Oakley
Executive Director, College Advancement
President, NC Agricultural Foundation, NC Tobacco Foundation, NC Dairy Foundation, Dairy Youth Foundation

  • Nickels for Know-How
  • Tobacco Research Commission Check-off
  • College Advancement Policy Issues
  • Annual Fund
  • Land Gifts
  • June Dairy Month
  • Advancement Legislative Issues
  • University Advancement Issues
  • Advancement Issues for Dean and Directors
  • College Advancement personnel management
Jennifer Bernabi
Major Events Coordinator
jennifer_bernabi@ncsu.eduCarolyn Bunn

Assistant to Bill Collins

Pam Byington
Meeting and Small Events Coordinator
(919) 515-9260;

Chris Cammarene-Wessel
Director of Donor Services and Academic Programs/Departmental Fundraising
(919) 515-7678;
  • CALS representative to University Development and prospect management, Campus PR Group
  • CALS International Programs Advisory Committee, CALS Diversity Council
  • College Advancement and online giving webmaster and electronic listserves manager
  • CALS Donor Recognition Gala logistics and coordination
  • Coordination of CALS faculty submissions to NC and national philanthropic funders in cooperation with CALS Business Office; application and proposal writing assistance
  • Coordination of departmental/program fundraising workshops involving the CALS Advancement Team
  • Faculty assistance for "Give Now" online giving links, new funds (as approved by Dept. Heads), gifts-in-kind and Form BA 151 and IRS Form 8283

Chandy Christian
Sr. Director of Major and Leadership Gifts

  • CALS Advancement Prospect Management

Bill Collins
Director of Development
919-513-2944, 919-818-4529 (cell);

  • special emphasis on agricultural leadership development programs
  • relationships with faculty/staff and retirees
  • liaison with agribusinesses related to tobacco
Crystal Green
Accounting Clerk, Extension Programs
(919) 513-0136;

Craven Hudson
Executive Director of Development, NC 4-H and Family and Consumer Sciences
Director of Fund Development for North Carolina 4-H Programs
(919) 513-8254;

  • 4-H Development Board administration
  • 4-H annual campaign
  • 4-H Gala
  • Development liaison with 4-H professionals statewide
  • 4-H Centennial
Kathy Kennel
Executive Director, NC Agricultural Foundation, Inc.
(919) 515-9259;
  • Golden LEAF and Tobacco Trust Fund Commission proposal assistance and management in cooperation with CALS Business Office
  • Contact for Tobacco Education and Research Council, Inc. (TERC) proposals
  • College Advancement personnel coordination

Angela Lands
Executive Assistant, CALS Advancement
(919) 515-9261;

  • College acknowledgment of current and retired faculty or staff illness or death
  • Lead bookkeeper
Catherine Maxwell
Executive Director of Development, CALS
Director of Development, NC Agricultural Research Service
(919) 513-8294;
  • NC Agriculure and Life Sciences Research (NCALS) Foundation creation and administration
  • Academic and Research Advancement personnel management
  • Dairy Campaign for Excellence (NC State Creamery)
  • Research Stations' and Centers' development liaison
  • CALS representative to University Corporate and Foundation Relations Task Force; NCARS Director of Corporate Relations

Sonia Murphy
Executive Dir. of Development, NCCES
(919) 513-0637;

Anne Porter
Director of Development, JC Raulston Arboretum
(919) 513-3463;

Wilma Hammett
Executive Director, NC FCS and NC ECA Foundations
(919) 513-3463

Joshua Starling
Director of Development, NC FFA Foundation
(919) 513-7068;

  • North Carolina FFA Foundation Board administration
  • Fundraising for NC FFA Association and NC Agriculture Teachers
  • Database of North Carolina FFA alumni, past state FFA officers, NC State Agricultural and Extension Education alumni and current and retired Agricultural Education teachers
  • High school FFA chapters proposal assistance
  • NC FFA Center at White Lake, North Carolina