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Legacy...what is left behind through the actions of a lifetime...

Dear Friends:

At a recent conference, the closing speaker asked the group of 600 attendees who could tell him the names of the four grandparents…about 100 people raised their hands. Then he asked who could name all eight of their great-grandparents. To our surprise, only two people in the entire audience raised their hands.

His response was, “Well, that’s all there is…within two generations after your death no one will remember who you were or what you stood for!” He went on to point out that the only solution was for us to make a Legacy Gift to a charity of our choice in order to ensure that our beliefs, values, legacy -- and even our names live on.

In the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Legacy Gifts range from a $15,000 scholarship endowment for students to $25 million to name the entire College and create an unrestricted endowment to support our mission in perpetuity. Your Legacy Gift could be funded by something as simple as a codicil to your will or through gifts of cash or appreciated assets including real estate and securities.

These gifts can also provide you, and members of your family, with lifetime income, charitable deductions, and reduced or eliminated estate taxes.

To learn more about Legacy Gifts in the College, contact me in the CALS Advancement Office at 919-515-9262 or visit our websites below.

Keith D. Oakley
Executive Director