Thomas Jefferson Scholars

The Thomas Jefferson Scholars Program is NC State's premier dual-degree program, established by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences more than 25 years ago.

The aim of the Thomas Jefferson Scholars is to provide an environment of fellowship, service learning and support.  We combine intellectual and social fun, among students who are seeking degrees in both agricultural/life sciences and the humanistic disciplines.  We meet biweekly for programs, go on relevant domestic and international trips, and take on community service projects.  Scholars major in one of the life or agricultural sciences in College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and in one of the humanities or social sciences in College of Humanities and Social Sciences.  We have a special course just for the Jeffersons each year.  Our Scholars are also members of other enrichment programs, including the the University Scholars and the Honors programs, and the Caldwell and Park fellowships.  Successful graduates of the Jefferson Scholars Program receive a Bachelor's degree from each College.

Our alumni carry forward the tradition of the Jeffersons, and have entered fields of educational and environmental law, medicine and allied health areas, veterinary medicine, agricultural policy, military and civic leadership, and more.

Click here to see where the Jefferson Scholars alumni have ended up across the world.  (For NC State students and faculty, and Jefferson Scholars alumni and emeriti only.)