North Carolina State University and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have set minimum giving levels for specific named gift opportunities. They are as follows:

Area of Support Minimum Required Endowment
Faculty Support
Deanship $3,000,000
Department Head $2,000,000
Faculty Chair $2,500,000
Named Distinguished Professorship $1,000,000
Faculty Award $100,000
Student Support
Graduate Fellowships $500,000
Graduate Fellowship Fund $150,000
Caldwell Fellows Scholarship $250,000
Caldwell Program Fund $100,000
Caldwell Enrichment Fund $50,000
Caldwell Unrestricted Fund $25,000
Merit Awards Program Scholarship $50,000
Named Scholarships $25,000
Team Captain’s Endowment $500,000
Varsity Sport Position Scholarship $250,000
Sport Endowment $125,000
Colleges and Academic Units
Colleges Market Driven
Departments Market Driven
Institutes, Programs, Centers Market Driven
General Endowment
Dean/Director Initiative Fund $1,000,000
Provost Initiative Fund $1,500,000
Chancellor Initiative Fund $2,000,000
Lecture Series $100,000
Library Funds $25,000
All Others $25,000
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