Landscapes of Opportunity

Unique opportunities for landowners of agricultural, commerical, conservation, historic, industrial and residential properties.

Landscapes Mission

To protect and conserve natural resources in North Carolina by sustaining its agriculture and forestry for future generations.

Poised for the Future

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service (NCCES) is a partnership that began in North Carolina in 1914 when county, state and federal governments agreed that by joining together they could provide all citizens with access to the wealth of knowledge generated by public universities. Today that partnership includes county governments working to solve local problems, a national network of land-grant universities, including NC State and NC A&T State University, and the US Department of Agriculture. Working together, we recognize that we achieve much more than we can alone.

Extension Outreach

Based in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Extension reaches millions of North Carolinians each year through local centers in the state's 100 counties and on the Cherokee Reservation. In our county centers across the state, county agents are the bridge between the state's people and Extension specialists working at the state's land-grant universities. Agents educate the public through meetings and workshops, field days, and personal consultations.

"The single most important thing besides knowledge is land. As North Carolina's land-grant university, NC State has an obligation to future generations to preserve our natural resources. Our College is poised to advance a program that will sustain thousands of acres in perpetuity." - Joseph O. Taylor

The Landscapes Process

  • A landowner/developer/broker/representative wishing to inquire about the benefits of Landscapes should contact the CALS Advancement Office at NC State or any of the 101 county based NCCES offices throughout the state.
  • A property that is determined to be of interest to the College will be assessed (at no cost) by a team of professionals (scientists, field faculty, tax benefit specialists, real estate officers, foundation officers from NC State).
  • A site visit and meeting with the owner/representative(s) will then be scheduled to coordinate the goals of the landowner relative to the educational value of the property to NC State.
  • If the property's resources and material value are consistent with that of the College, terms will then be negotiated and the transaction will be underway.
  • The NC State/CALS Advancement team will be available to the landowner/representatives to determine any financial/tax benefits they might receive.
  • In some cases when a property is not directly suited for the Landscapes of Opportunity focus, we may be able to help a landowner find a more appropriate organization to accept the proposed land deal/gift of a property or easement. In all cases, the Landscapes of Opportunity focus is ultimately trying to assist in the achievement of the landowner's goal(s).

Benefits of Landscapes

  • Permanently protect your land/farm
  • Generate income for retirement
  • Support conservation related issues
  • Establish family/corporate legacy
  • Avoid capital gains taxes
  • Reduce income taxes
  • Lower tax appraisals
  • Qualify for the NC Conservation Tax Credit Program
  • Possible estate tax charitable deduction

A Business Model that Works

The Landscapes approach is a "business model" and is backed by the educational/research capabilities of one of America's leading land-grant universities. This assures the landowner that their goals are maintained, protected and maximized.

"I am so impressed with the farmland preservation opportunities at NC State. Donating our family farm to the College was a great way to provide a tribute to the research my son Allen started. It also provided me peace of mind that our land will continue to be used for research in the future." - Jurileen N. Davis

To discuss Landscapes of Opportunity, please call or write:

Keith D. Oakley, Assistant Dean for College Advancement
College of Agriculture and life Sciences
NC State University
NCSU Box 7645
Raleigh, NC 27695-7645

919.515.9262 (phone)
919.515.5274 (fax)

All services provided to potential donors are confidential and without charge.

Please contact the Office of College Advancement if you are considering a gift.

This information is not intended to take the place of counsel from your own tax and estate advisors, with whom any significant gift should be discussed.

We are strategically postured to custom-fit many of the goals of the landowner relative to the educational and research mission of NC State, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and NCCES.

The Landscapes of Opportunity plan is often more flexible and responsive than traditional land deals that are exclusively charitable or environmental.