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2013 US Tobacco Forum

2012 US Tobacco Forum

Snell Presentation
G Scott Presentation

(Check back often; more to be added as permissions are granted by the presenters.)
For more information or questions, please contact:
Kathy Kennel ~ NC Tobacco Foundation, Inc. or 919-515-925

2011 US Tobacco Forum

Feleke Presentation
Little Presentation
Scott Presentation
Snell Presentation

2010 US Tobacco Forum

2010 Tobacco Crop Insurance Provisions Changes (Dennis Chapman)
Burley and Dark Tobacco Situation and Outlook for 2010 (Will Snell)
Center for Tobacco Grower Research (Jane Starnes)
The "Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act" (Darryl Jayson)
Georgia - Florida Crop Report (J. Michael Moore)
Granville Equipment (Randy Watkins)
Immigration Reform -- Implications for Farmers (Craig Regelbrugge)
Leaf Trends and Quality Expectations (George Scott)
North Carolina Update (Loren Fisher)
TSNA's Management Update for Burley Tobacco (Anne Jack)
The Tobacco Act's Impact on the Farm (Victor Moldovan)
US Flue-Cured:  Outlook and Situation (Blake Brown)
University Update - Tennessee and Kentucky Burley and Dark Tobacco (Paul Denton)

DVDs of the 2010 Forum presentations may be ordered by emailing (or, visit to see the videos on the CALS_NC_State_Advancement albums).

2009 US Tobacco Forum

Burley and Dark Tobacco Trends, Issues, & Outlook (W. Snell)
Center for Tobacco Grower Research (J.Starnes)
Dark Tobacco Update (A. Bailey)
FDA Update (J. Cain and J. Parker)
Flue-Cured Tobacco Outlook (B. Brown)
Georgia Update (J.M. Moore)
Leaf Trends and Quality Expectations (G. Scott)
North Carolina Update (L. Fisher)
Threats and Opportunities in Tobacco Production (A. Abrunhosa)
Tobacco Crop Insurance Update (W. Harrifield)
Tobacco Quality-Price Insurance Policy (B. Furnish)
US Tobacco Export Promotion (D. Stevens)

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