Welcome to the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education

Our Mission, Your Future

The mission of the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education is to prepare agricultural professionals to teach, lead, and serve.

Our department’s efforts are aimed at two of the nation’s greatest resources – its people and the agricultural industry.  We are committed to serving the people of the state and nation by providing support for teaching, through our support for the professionals who work with the youth in FFA and 4-H programs, through our support for extension professionals who develop programs for their communities, and for those who are involved in informing the public about the great agricultural industry and in providing leadership in the multi-faceted areas of agriculture.

Visit our webpages to see how we develop the new generation of professionals in agricultural education, extension, and agricultural science. Our mission is your future!

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This week is AEE Welcome Week! We are looking forward to getting to know the new students and welcoming the returning students back. The first event this week involves getting an AEE tote bag and portfolio pad. In order to get these, you must do five things:

1. Obtain the “secret” code word by looking at the television display on the first floor of Ricks Hall right outside of Room 113.  

2. Find the student lounge in Ricks Hall and write down the room number (hint: it is some place on the 1st floor). If you take a selfie inside the student lounge, then you will get both a portfolio pad and a shopping tote bag.

Show your selfie to Meg or Dr. Moore in Room Room 201 (or e-mail it to gmoore@ncsu.edu)

3. There is a display case outside of Room 201 Ricks. It currently has a brief history of the department. Our Department Head in the 1950s was a gentleman by the name of Caycee Scarborough. He had a collection of “something”. What did he collect?

4 & 5. Obtain the signature of two AEE faculty members. They will be expecting you. Just stick your head in the faculty member’s office, introduce yourself, and then ask for their signature. You can find their office locations here.

After completing all five parts, you can get your prize as well as popcorn and a drink by turning in the information to Meg or Dr. Moore in Room 201 of Ricks Hall between 10 am and 5 PM Monday-Friday this week (August 24 – 28).

The second event is an AEE cookout that will be held Monday August 31 from 4 to 6 pm in the Lee Residence Hall Parent Park. This is located behind Lee Residence Hall. We look forward to seeing you! 



AEE Profiles

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Jennifer Evans is a new doctoral student in the AEE department. We are excited that she has joined our program. Jennifer is a prescribed burn specialists who works as an extension specialist and is employed by NC State. With her job in forestry, Jennifer covers 13 states in Southeast. Welcome to AEE Jennifer!