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Our Mission, Your Future

The mission of the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education is to prepare agricultural professionals to teach, lead, and serve.

Our department’s efforts are aimed at two of the nation’s greatest resources – its people and the agricultural industry.  We are committed to serving the people of the state and nation by providing support for teaching, through our support for the professionals who work with the youth in FFA and 4-H programs, through our support for extension professionals who develop programs for their communities, and for those who are involved in informing the public about the great agricultural industry and in providing leadership in the multi-faceted areas of agriculture.

Visit our webpages to see how we develop the new generation of professionals in agricultural education, extension, and agricultural science. Our mission is your future!

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Are you interested in attending National FFA Convention? The AEE Department will be traveling to National FFA Convention October 27 through November 1. Each year, the AEE Club and Collegiate FFA members travel to the convention to promote CALS and NC State. We host a booth to recruit future Wolfpack! If you would like to go, please complete the following by Wednesday, September 30. 

1.     Email tdpark@ncsu.edu and let him know that you will be attending.

2.     Provide a $200 check to help cover your expenses of travel, hotel, and registration. Meals and entertainment will be your only expense in Louisville.




AEE Profiles

Picture of Sarah DingerSarah Dinger is a new graduate student in the AEE department. She is pursuing a Master’s degree in Agricultural Education and Extension. She is originally from New York and has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Society. She chose this for her undergraduate degree because it incorporates science courses and social application. Through this major she was able to explore a variety of fields and have a versatile degree.

Sarah first became interested in agriculture when she joined a school garden research team during her undergraduate career. Through this school garden, she was able to work with middle school students and had the opportunity to travel across the country working on different types of farms after graduating. During the last year, she spent time living in Pennsylvania working on a goat cheese farm.

Sarah decided to come to NC State for graduate school because of the great history and faculty. When Dr. Park moved to NCSU, Sarah thought that she should look into the University and that coming to North Carolina would be a great way to get in touch with her southern roots.

When she finishes graduate school, Sarah plans to teach agriculture in middle or high school. To reaad the full article click here