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Our Mission, Your Future

The mission of the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education is to prepare agricultural professionals to teach, lead, and serve.

Our department’s efforts are aimed at two of the nation’s greatest resources – its people and the agricultural industry.  We are committed to serving the people of the state and nation by providing support for teaching, through our support for the professionals who work with the youth in FFA and 4-H programs, through our support for extension professionals who develop programs for their communities, and for those who are involved in informing the public about the great agricultural industry and in providing leadership in the multi-faceted areas of agriculture.

Visit our webpages to see how we develop the new generation of professionals in agricultural education, extension, and agricultural science. Our mission is your future!

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Attention all students in Agricultural Education!
You are eligible for free membership in the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)! To become a member, all you need to do is fill out the form here and turn it in before Thanksgiving.
You can turn the completed form into Dr. Flowers, Dr. Moore, Dr. Park, Dr. Warner, or Dr. Morgan. We encourage all agricultural education majors to take advantage of this opportunity!



AEE Profiles

Picture of Jessica Resor

Jessica Resor is a senior double majoring in Extension Education and Spanish. She chose to double major because she felt as though she was both science and humanities minded. She knew that not being able to do both would leave her unhappy. By having more than one major, Jessica has been able to meet more people at NC State, travel and be a more competitive candidate for jobs and applications.

Jessica was inspired to become involved in agriculture during high school when she was a part of FFA. Jessica believes in life-ling learning which Extension Education supports and fosters. Her values aligned well with this degree as it is pragmatic and experiential. Knowing that she was interested in Extension Education led her to consider attending NC State. She decided that NC State would be the best place for her because of its reputation and commitment to big school opportunities with the small school feel. The AEE department has been perfect for her.

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