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Students have three options to receive course credit for internships

ANS 492 - Professional Experience in the Animal Sciences
ANS 493 - Research Experience in the Animal Sciences

ANS494 - Teaching Experience in the Animal Sciences



How do I initiate an internship for credit?

  • Internships are initiated by completing an Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the student and the individual hosting/supervising the internship.
  • The completed MOA should be emailed to Dr. Siciliano (paul_siciliano@ncsu.edu).
  • Click here to obtain MOA's for ANS492, ANS493, and ANS494.
  • Please read the footnote within each MOA carefully and follow directions for MOA submission exactly. 
  • Please be sure that the number of course credits requested is justified by the number of internship contact hours (i.e., 45 contact hours are required for each course credit, and a maximum of 3 credits can be requested for each internship).
  • Please be sure that the addition of internship credits does not cause your total semester credits to exceed 18 credits.  If it does please have your Academic Advisor increase your credit load limit to allow for the addition of internship credits.
  • Once the MOA has been completed, Dr. Siciliano will add you to the class.  If you do not see ANS492, 3, or 4 on your schedule then you are not in the class.  Please be sure you see the class on your schedule by the first week of classes.