Pollock, Kenneth (Ken) H

William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor
Applied Ecology
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I was born in rural Australia and obtained a B.Sc. degree in Agriculture from the University of Sydney in New South Wales. For my Honours subject I chose Biometrics and began combining Statistics and Biology into a career. In order to obtain further postgraduate training, I attended Cornell University and obtained Masters and Ph. D degrees with theses on new developments in capture-recapture sampling of wildlife and fisheries populations. Thus my interest and focus on ecological applications of statistics began at that early stage of my career. I am an international expert on sampling animal populations. My passion is to work at the interface of biology and statistics to improve the science practiced by fisheries, wildlife and conservation biologists. A key aspect of that is sound postgraduate student education and mentorship. My greatest pleasure comes from seeing students grow and succeed in their academic endeavours.
  Ecology | Fisheries and Wildlife | Natural Resources and Conservation | Statistics
Country(s) of experience:
  Australia | Canada | New Zealand | Norway | Portugal |
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  Researcher in an international project | Instructor at an academic institution overseas | Speaker at an international conference | Visiting faculty | International consultant | Advisor for international students | Host for international faculty
  Sabbatical - Australia
Year: 2010-2011
Country: Australia
Institution: Murdoch University, Australia
  Murdoch University Marine Mammal research
01/01/2012 - 05/31/2017
Funding Agency/Sponsor:
Institutional Partner: Murdoch University, Australia
  New Recreational Fisheries Survey Methods
01/01/2012 - 05/31/2017
Funding Agency/Sponsor:
Institutional Partner: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia
  Darwin Harbour Dolphin Assessment Project
01/01/2011 - 12/31/2015
Funding Agency/Sponsor:
Institutional Partner: Southern Cross University (SCU), Australia
  Northern Dolphin Monitoring Project
01/01/2012 - 12/31/2015
Funding Agency/Sponsor:
Institutional Partner: Flinders University, Australia
  Northern Quoll Synthesis Workshop
01/01/2013 - 12/31/2014
Funding Agency/Sponsor:
Institutional Partner: Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (ACEAS), Australia