Extension programs for growers in Australia Development project
Heiniger, Ron W


Farmers in Australia often cite the lack of research-based information as a limiting factor in improving agricultural production.  In cooperation with private and public sponsors a program was developed to bring extension wheat programs to growers in South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales.  These programs centered around field trials, field tours, and face-to-face meetings with growers.  Six field sites were used.  At each site several replicated trials were established covering all aspects of wheat management from variety selection and seeding rate to fertility.  At a field site near Grimsby, NSW a field day was held which was attended by over 150 wheat growers.  They were given information using hands-on examination of wheat growth, powerpoint presentations, and literature.  In addition, farm tours were arranged in which agricultural experts met growers on their farm and examined wheat growth and reviewed current and recommended management practices.

  01/01/2009 - 12/31/2010
Institutional Partner(s):
  Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia
Funding Agency(s)/Sponsor(s):
  Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation¬†(CSIRO)

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