Unlocking chemical biodiversity of Malaysia and its potential to improve human health Research project
Komarnytsky, Slavko


Malaysia has a diverse democracy and is an important partner in US engagement with Southeast Asia, being the second largest US trading partner trading among the ten ASEAN countries in 2011. However, NCSU does not have established in-depth partnerships and collaborations in South-East Asia outside of Thailand and Laos. Thus, the overall objective of the envisaged long-term collaborative program between NCSU and IMU will be to develop a novel research and training framework focused on engaging scientists from developing countries in global health research and preservation of sustainable healthy ecosystems that benefit local human health and economic development. As this is a broad aim that will require the input of various academic disciplines, it was decided that the initial proposal will focus on bringing together NCSU expertise in complex biological screening and IMU expertise in chemical characterization and organic synthesis to establish a new international training framework in therapeutic lead discovery in Malaysia.

  07/01/2013 - 06/30/2014
Institutional Partner(s):
  International Medical University, Malaysia

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