Development of DNA Microarrays and Biochemical Technologies in Controlling PSE Meat and Microtoxin Contamination Research project
Xi, Lin


  Christian Maltecca

The objective of this project was to promote research collaborations and exchanges in the field of controlling PSE and microtoxin contamination.

To complete the project, we proposed to identify genes functionally linked to or associated with PSE pork via DNA microarray analysis and comparative bioinformatics analysis. We also proposed to control and reduce PSE pork by exploring herb-based extracts (feed supplements)  and develop a fast and reliable method using high sensitivity TRF immunoassays for controlling and monitoring mycotoxin contamination in animal feeds and processed meat.  Currently we have performed a study in China to investigate the effects of dietary supplementation of Chinese herbs on pork quality from pigs with different genetic background.  An article “Effects of pre-slaughter stressor and feeding preventative Chinese medicinal herbs on glycolysis and oxidative stability in pigs” has been published from the data collected in this study.   DNA microarray assays were also conducted from this study.  The bioinformatics analysis from data collected in the DNA microarray assays was completed and summarized

  China-Peoples Rep
  01/01/2013 - 12/31/2016
Institutional Partner(s):
  Beijing Da Bei Nong Science and Technology Group Co. Ltd. (DBN), China

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