SASHA-GT4SP Workshop Training/Workshop
Olukolu, Bode A


SASHA-GT4SP (Sweetpotato Action for Security and Health in Africa-Genomic Tools for SweetPotato) SSA sweetpotato breeder’s meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya June 6-10, 2016.  The GT4SP project hosted a 2-day sweetpotato genetics and genomics workshop with 31 participants (27 sweetpotato breeders and 4 PhD students) with the SASHA sweetpotato breeder’s meeting. The workshop covered the following topics: 1) genomics-assisted sweetpotato improvement; 2) lectures on genetic diversity studies and analysis of sweetpotato diversity using DNA markers, marker-assisted selection and its potential use for sweetpotato improvement, and high-throughput phenotyping; and 3) a day of “hands-on” practical laboratory training on extraction of high quality DNA at the BecA-ILRI facility.

  06/06/2016 - 06/10/2016
Institutional Partner(s):
  Biosciences eastern and central Africa-International Livestock Research Institute (BecA-ILRI), Kenya
Funding Agency(s)/Sponsor(s):
  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)

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