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Spring 2013, Issue 3
Tip Top Shape
The month of March is quickly coming to a close. In this month’s issue we have advice that will get you in tip top shape professionally! In CALS Career Services we have some upcoming events where you can polish up your resume’, improve your dining etiquette, and gain advice on how to appropriately handle those awkward moments when meeting professionals for the first time. First we have a chance for you to reflect with a quick, fun activity from our director, Marcy Bullock.
   6 Step Countdown
    Quick steps that will get you to reflect
    Bright opportunities are on the horizon as you transition from classes to finals to your summer plans. I think the activity below will help you move forward with your future goals. It is a simple 6 step countdown that will yield powerful results!  Read More
   Resume' Marathon
    Your quick go-to resource to finishing FIRST in the resume' race!
    It is a very busy time of year for students; there are only 5 weeks left in the semester but it seems like you have a lot of tests and assignments that you have yet to complete. On top of that, many of you are still searching for jobs and internships and it is hard to find time to update your resume and apply for positions.  Read More
   Shine While You Dine
    Need etiquette advice?
    In the spring of each year, CALS Career Services holds a dining etiquette event to teach students about professional dining behavior that may be useful in interviewing or networking situations. In a relaxed and fun environment, surrounded by your peers, you will be presented with certain culinary obstacles, and learn how to handle each situation while maintaining your professional composure  Read More
   Perfecting Professionalism
    What you should do to make a positive and lasting impression when meeting professionals!
    Professionalism. If you’ve taken ALS 103 or attended any of our workshops, then you’ve heard this word thrown around… a lot, probably. But what exactly is professionalism?

 Read More
   Faculty Spotlight- Dr. Lori Ynruh-Snyder
    Inspiration and words of advice from Dr. Snyder
    Dr. Lori Snyder is new to the team in the Department of Crop Science! Hailing from Townsend, Delaware Dr. Snyder graduated from Cornell University where she earned her B.S. in Entomology. She then went on to attend Cornell University (MS) and North Carolina State University (PhD).
 Read More
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