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Cephalanthus occidentalis L.

Family: Rubiaceae
Common Name: common buttonbush

Photo #1: 2001, Jon Stucky

Photo #2: 2001, Jon Stucky

Photo #3: 2001, Alice Brown Russell

Photo #4: 2001, Jon Stucky

Photo #5: 2001, Jon Stucky

Photo #6: 2002, Jon Stucky

Photo #7: 2002, Jon Stucky

Common buttonbush; shrub, deciduous; leaves simple, opposite, often whorled near stem tips, entire, ovate or broadly elliptic or oblong, apex acute or acuminate, base cuneate or rounded; stipule semi-persistent, deltoid, 2-3 mm long, dark brown to black; leaf scar circular or oval or shield-shaped; bundle scar one, C-shaped; stipular scar a line connecting opposite leaf scars; twig bark reddish-brown; flowers white,tubular, in globose heads, June-Aug.; fruits dry, in globose heads. Could be mistaken for Cornus or Diospyros even though alternate leaves of Diospyros should distinguish it from buttonbush. Valuable as streambank stabilizer. Small, dry fruits and bark provide limited wildlife food value, (3/11). Common. Margins of impoundments and stream banks, often rooted in water Pied. & CP. OBL

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