North Carolina State University Undergraduate Symposium

2014 - 23rd Annual NC State Undergraduate Research Symposium

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Session Time : 4/14/14 10:30 AM - 4/14/14 11:45 AM
Content Area : Textile & Apparel Technology & Management

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Bailey Taryn Donoghue
Fashion and Textile Management
Mentors and/or Co-Authors :
Katherine Carroll Textiles
Abstract Title : Clothing Pattern Adjustments Addressing Differences in Body Shape and Body Deviations Affecting Fit of Clothing
Abstract :
Clothing fit is one reason for garment returns and losses to companies. There is no clothing standard for women’s bodies that are shaped differently due to natural physiology. The purpose of this research was to create a pattern resource for clothing designers to alter patterns based on eight natural female body shapes. The eight shapes are Hourglass, Inverted-Triangle, Pear, Oval, Diamond, Top-Hourglass, Straight, and Spoon.
The current fashion sizing standard is based on the “ideal” hourglass body shape, which applies to less than 8% of 160,000,000 women in America. This makes fitting clothing difficult for over 90% of women. 
Eight women, each a different shape, were scanned in the TC2 body scanner to obtain exact measurements. Their measurements were used to adapt a basic pattern block to construct a sheath dress to fit their shape. Each subject was then fit tested and filled out an evaluation survey.
Results show that they were more comfortable in a correctly fitted dress than a “standard” dress they buy in the stores. The common problem they have when buying dresses is incorrect fit through three-body measurements; bust, waist, hip.
This research shows that the hourglass body shape isn’t accurate. Through simple manipulation of three measurements - bust, waist and hip – correct fit can be achieved, women feel confident. This demonstrated that the apparel industry might achieve better fit by using body shape as a basis for sizing, rather than the standard ratio and proportions that fit fewer than 10% of the population.

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