North Carolina State University Undergraduate Symposium
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2011 - 20th Annual NC State Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium

Department/Program Lead Student Abstract Title Session /Poster Space
Plant and Microbial Biology Ade, Dillon James Biosynthesis of Proanthocyanidins: isolation of proanthocyanidin polymerase from engineered plant cells. / 88
Molecular Biomedical Sciences Agrawal, Jharana Investigating Macrophage phenotypes in the porcine corpus luteum. / 134
Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science Ambrose, Catherine J Surface energy and its effects on photoreduction as seen through contact angle / 86
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Amra, Firass Nasir Electroactive Polymers and Thermoplastic Elastomer Gels / 31
Biological Sciences Arigala, Aparna Studies of Brain Structure and Function Provide Multi-Contextual Insights / 12
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Atyam, Anusha D Relationship Among Nutrition and Exercise Choices by College Students / 135
Zoology Austin, Sophie Leigh Role of FOXL2, cyp19a1a, and DMRT1 in adult sex change in the bluehead wrasses / 1
Interdisciplinary Programs Bachman, Kelly Anne The General Agreement on Trade in Services and the Right to Regulate the Water Sector / 57
Plant Pathology Baker, Cody Jacob Identification and mapping of the brown patch pathogen from tall fescue turf on the NC State campus / 27
Biological Sciences Baker, Rebecca A Development of Insect Cell Lines Expressing Intra- and Extra-cellular Single-Chain Antibody Fragment scFv13R4 / 85
Entomology Barbour, Traci M The influence of genetic variation on the survival of female flies that overexpress a lethal protein / 112
Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science Barnes, Kristi E Screen Printing using Conductive Inks on Flexible Substrates / 14
Forestry & Environmental Resources Basista, Claire Yvonne Developing an Innovative Effluent Treatment Option for Aquaculture Ponds in Eastern NC / 29
Animal Science Beasley, Erin Allyson Effect of uterine infection on the grooming behavior of Holstein dairy cattle / 82
Physics Berry, Sara E Effect of Particle Shape on Stress-Strain Measurements of Granular Materials / 11
Population Health & Pathobiology Bhangoo, Daljinder Kaur Role of Corticotropin Releasing Factor Receptor 2 in Mast Cell Degranulation / 143
Biochemistry Bharde, Munir Use of RNAi as a Potential Treatment for Onychomycosis / 24
Biological Sciences Bhaskar, Brinda Alzheimer’s Disease: An observational study of its cause, symptoms, and potential treatments / 132
Biological Sciences Bhathela, Sunny Avinash Differential Binding of the steroid hormone dehydroepiandrosterone to ERßb, ERßa and ER?; the three estrogen receptors found in teleost fish / 134
Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Program Biggerstaff, Michael Thurman Age-dependent sexual conflict impacts vigilance behavior at concentrated food sources / 53
Microbiology Black, Julianne Megan Pseudomonas and Pantoea: potential sources of antibiotics in Raleigh, NC soil samples / 26
Animal Science Blanchard, Walker McVey The effects of free-ranging on social grooming and aggression in Lemur catta / 45
Chemistry Blanton, Kristen Caldwell Investigating the Modulatory Role of Mu Opioid Receptors in the Ventral Tegmental Area on the Mesolimbic Dopamine System / 89
Chemistry Blew, James H Light Controlled Supramolecular Triple-Layer Catalyst / 149
Animal Science Bloomer, Sarah Alissa Response in estrous, growth, and carcass traits to selection for improved pig reproduction in a heat stressed environment / 91
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Bond, Kyle Alexander EcoPRT – Low-cost Automated Transit / 60
Chemistry Bondarev, Alexey Effects of Donor Atom Identity on Electronic Structure of Fe(II) Polypyridine Complexes / 46
Biological Sciences Brannock, Jason Thomas Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells in HIV Treatment / 92
Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Bray, Casey Dean Particle Nucleation for Varying Air Masses and Meteorological Conditions at a Forest Site in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina / 18
Biological Sciences Bryan, Carolei Terrvera Investigating Medical Treatments: HIV, Eczema, and Breast Cancer / 13
Chemistry Canavarro, Corinne Mildred Changes of Solvent Polarity on the effectiveness of Bis(heptadecafluoro-1,1,2,2-tetrahydrodecyl)tetramethyldisiloxane (BisF17) as a Nanostructured-initiator Mass Spectrometry (NIMS) Initiator / 66
Plant and Microbial Biology Carter, Morgan Elizabeth The Role of Polyketide Synthases in the Banana Pathogen Mycosphaerella fijiensis / 43
Molecular Biomedical Sciences Castano, Diana Carolina Antiviral Interferon Response: Repression of Interferon Signaling by Reovirus T1L and T3D / 143
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Casulli, Kaitlyn E Optimization of Variables Affecting Temperature Control in Mashing / 2
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Cates, Lauren Elizabeth Barriers for Using an Outdoor Learning Center as Part of the Preschool Classroom / 138
Electrical & Computer Engineering Celestini, Marc Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting in Flexible Packages / 111
Crop Science Cheek, Joseph Aaron A Comparison of Nursery and Yeild Trial Data for Maize Ex-PVP Lines / 105
Interdisciplinary Programs Chenlo, Andres Nicolas From Apartheid To Microfinance: Are South African Townships Ready to Implement the Grameen Model? / 26
Computer Science Chin, Alex Jin-Wei Degeneracy in R-MAT Generated Graphs / 46
Materials Science & Engineering  Chisholm, Lauren Elizabeth Effects of Physisorption of Poly-l-lysine on Stability and Conductance of GaN Transistors / 71
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Chu, Chia-Heng Integrating Nanomaterials in Nanostructured Polymer / 50
Psychology Clark, Hallie Elizabeth The Temporal Effect of Visual Cues / 121
Chemistry Cochran, Kristin Harr Forensic Textile Fiber and Dye Identification Using LC-MS and MALDESI-MSI / 87
Biological Sciences Cohen, Samantha Adele Selective Breeding Effects on the Zebrafish, Danio rerio / 19
Zoology Cooper, Evan Robert Altruism and selflessness in wild and captive animals / 58
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Cordaro, Alex T Cultivation of Mortierella isabellina for Microbial Lipid Production / 145
Physics Corley, Steven Daniel Investigation of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking with varying geometrical structure / 88
Biological Sciences Cowan, Michelle L Conservation Methods and Applications Concerning Marine Invasive Species, Coastal Habitats, and Hotspot Biodiversity Zones / 52
Chemistry Dale, Bridgette Arianna Iridium(III)-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols / 9
Biological Sciences Darst, Brian H Effects of Environmental Factors on the Adaptive Responses of Selected Species / 93
Communication Davis, Christine Noella Communication Strategies Used by Collegiate Athletes to Manage Uncertainty / 100
Physics De Los Reyes, Mithi Alexa Investigating the Dynamics of a Folded Polymer Tube / 25
Physics De Los Reyes, Mithi Alexa The Relationship Between Stellar Mass, Gas Metallicity, and Star Formation Rate for Halpha-Selected Galaxies at z = 0.8 / 83
Plant and Microbial Biology Deanhardt, Bryson Keith Allele Specific Rescue of Shoot Apical Meristem Transition / 65
Sociology & Anthropology Debon, DeJah Diet and Diabetes in the Tarascan Empire / 98
Biochemistry deGuzman, Stephanie M What's Next For Sports-Related Concussions? / 90
Statistics Delaney, Cory Patrick Evaluating the Ability of Drought Indices as Predictors of North Carolina Agricultural Yields / 138
Biological Sciences DeMorat, Taylor Ashley Zebrafish and Parkinson’s Disease: Understanding the role of Environmental Exposures on Dopaminergic Neurotoxicity / 55
Chemistry Desai, Harsh Bharat Optimization of seed-mediated nanorods / 151
Biological Sciences Desai, Eva Tetracycline and its Effects on Tooth Development / 73
Interdisciplinary Programs Di Cassio, Tara Lauren The Female Gendered Experience in the Iranian "Sexual Revolution" / 17
Chemistry Diachina, Shannon Reproducible Synthesis of Sub-2 nm Diameter Gold Nano-particles With Novel, Alkyne Capping Ligands / 57
Biological Sciences Dixon, Phillip E Investigating the Role of foxq1b in TCDD-Induced Craniofacial Defects via in situ Hybridization / 49
Biological Sciences Djali, Sarah Ashlyn A Comparative Study of Learning Gains Related to Learning Styles / 104
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Dolejsi, Moshe Novel strategies for chemical synthesis of functional silicones / 4
Textile & Apparel Technology & Management Donoghue, Bailey Taryn Clothing Pattern Adjustments Addressing Differences in Body Shape and Body Deviations Affecting Fit of Clothing / 45
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Doty, Colton Christopher Front Wing Aerodynamics in Yaw / 12
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Dowdy, Forrest Ryan Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting in Industrial Food Processes / 23
Chemistry Draelos, Matthew Michael Improving the efficiency of polyketide synthase high throughput screens / 127
Electrical & Computer Engineering Ebright, Ashley Christine Ultra low power pulse oximetery device for wireless health monitoring / 124
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Eldridge, Madeleine Rose Eating In China / 98
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Elouri, Sara Optimization of Protein Precipitation in Fish Processing Waste Water using Peanut Skin Extract / 54
Biological Sciences Epperson, Jillian Leigh Interactive Technology, Possible Learning Gains and Pedagogical Value / 108
Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science Evaro, Christian Michael Immobilizing CD47 Polypeptide on Implantable Biomaterials / 13
Biological Sciences Fitzgerald, Jacquelyn Lee Large-scale climate manipulations reveal broad changes to forest arthropod communities / 99
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Foster, Lester Anderson Development of a High Protein Frozen Dairy Dessert for the NCSU Fitness Community / 7
Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science Funke, Lara M Natural Dyes: Exploration of Color / 51
Biological Sciences Gaffaney, Madeleine Rae Genetically Linked Diseases and Possible Treatments Using RNA Interference / 53
Interdisciplinary Programs Gearino, Evan Bodrie Sanctioning Saddam: Economic Sanctions as the United States’ Threatened Penalty or Official Permission? / 22
Interdisciplinary Programs Gesford, Zachary John The King and his Subjects / 58
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Giedraitis, Kathleen Mary Developing a Microalgae System for Nutrient and VOC Removal in Animal Waste / 125
Biological Sciences Grabow, Hannah E The Effectiveness of Student-Centered Blended Learning Environments on in-class Student Performance in an Introductory Molecular Biology Course / 64
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Graham, William Patrick Pack Pullers / 140
Biochemistry Grusky, Alexander Michael Post Translational Modification Analysis of Capsase-3 / 62
Animal Science Harrelson, Alison Paige Genetic Variation In The Pig And Their Implications On Animal Welfare And Drug Efficacy / 128
English Hatcher, Jessica Michelle Discourse Differences in How Pre-Service Teachers Discuss Literary and Authentic Dialect / 133
Plant and Microbial Biology Hatfield, Taylor R That’s the Way I Lyse It: Lysis Cassettes and Their Function in the Fight Against American Foulbrood Disease / 141
Molecular Biomedical Sciences Hattaway, Jillian Claire The Role of Thyroid Hormone Signaling in Asymmetric Gut Morphogenesis / 130
Forestry & Environmental Resources Haunsperger, Matthew Michael On-site Fire Weather Compared To Remote Access Weather Stations (RAWS) When Determining Prescribed Burn Days / 15
Biological Sciences Hauser, Caitlin Alexandra Activation of B1-Adrenoceptor with Xameterol Changes Gene Expression Relevant to L-DOPA Induced Dyskinesia / 55
Forest Biomaterials, Wood & Paper Science Hays, Tyler G Importance and Implications of Advancing Knowledge in Biomass Supply Chains / 81
Interdisciplinary Programs Higdon, Summer D Conservation for Poverty Alleviation: The Potential in Assam, India / 23
Physics Ho, Yang Methodology and results of XPS and AFM studies on films on Graphene / 105
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Hubbard, Sawyer Austin Computational Analysis of Phase Behavior and Mechanical Properties in Block Copolymer Systems / 146
Biological Sciences Hutchinson, Joseph Michael CNA and Patient Interactions: Creating an Effective Culture of Long-Term Care / 17
Electrical & Computer Engineering Hwang, Hyungsun Mark 3-Phase Solid State Transformer Project Based on SiC Devices / 122
Genetics James, Andrew R Uncovering the Roles of Sim Neurons in Obesity / 148
Statistics Jeon, Woongchan A Visibility Climatology of Major North Carolina Airports / 99
Molecular Biomedical Sciences Jones, Hannah B Cloning and Characterization of Putative Antimicrobial Peptides in Zebrafish / 3
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Jones, Kerry Marie The Impact of Pre-Service Laboratory Training on Students’ Service-Learning Experience / 8
Foreign Languages & Literatures Kagan, Laura E Linguistic and Social Factors Associated with Glottal Stop Insertion in Yucatan Spanish / 18
Biological Sciences Kale, Brandon J Does reovirus T3D repress viral induction of the cell’s protective interferon response? / 133
Interdisciplinary Programs Kampov-Polevoi, Anastasia Social regression in Russia: Homophobia and its effect on Muscovite homosexual youth. / 97
Population Health & Pathobiology Kassim, Ismail Adebowale Antibiotic Susceptibility of Organisms Causing Urinary Tract Infection in Patients Presenting at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi / 87
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Kaufman, Amanda Ann Exploring nutrient retention in alternative pasteurization methods of human milk / 44
Physics Kerley, Michael Charles Crack Interactions: The Relationship between Crack Shape and Internal Stress / 104
Plant Biology Khosravi-Kamrani, Payvand Comparing Virus-induced Gene Silencing from TRV and CLCrV Vectors in Two Commercial Cotton Species / 136
Psychology Kilgo, Katherine Ladelle Differences in adjustment of children experiencing homelessness and children experiencing interpersonal violence and homelessness / 68
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Kinsey, Branson Alexander Determining Maximum Specific Carbon Monoxide Uptake Rates for Clostridium ljungdahlii / 16
Biological Sciences Kirby, Ashley Jeanne Survey of Anglers at Venice Municipal Fishing Pier: Experiences and Opinions of Sea Turtles / 44
Chemistry Klinc, Kristin Marie Observed Metabolite to Parent Drug Ratios from IR-MALDESI MS Verification by Performance of LC-MS on Adjacent Tissue Sections / 137
Soil Science Knight, Christine Marie Quantifying the arsenic adsorption capacity of Alcan AAFS50 for its use in household treatment of well water / 42
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Knio, Omar Imad Exploring Mechanisms of Self-Discharge in Electrochemical Electrodes for Capacitive Desalination / 48
Chemistry Kosnik, Marissa Breanna Per-Fluorinated Alcohol Induced Coacervation of Phospholipids for Protein Extraction and Analysis / 123
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Kurtz, Caitlin Caroline The Hunger Games: Nitrogen Source Limitation Affects CO Uptake and Ethanol Synthesis of Clostridium ljungdahlii (OTA1) / 144
Communication LaBelle, John Arthur Understanding Expertise in Competitive Team-based Gaming / 84
Interdisciplinary Programs Lachiewicz, Mary Claire Turkey's Invisible Workers: Human Rights in the International Fashion Industry / 14
Chemistry Le, Peter Dangkhoa Folding Stability and Kinetic Study of Dehaloperoxidase’s Two Isoforms / 140
Animal Science Lection, Jennine Marie Impact of Progesterone Supplementation on Embryo Transfer Success in Post-Partum Beef Cattle Consuming Endophyte-Infected Fescue / 54
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Lee, Andy P The effect of drying processes on Noble muscadine grape phytoactive stability in a whey protein isolate complex / 92
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Lee, Janice Jay Utilization of prebiotic galactooligosaccharide (GOS) in probiotics and pathogens / 126
Plant Biology Lee, Samuel S The Role of AP-3 and Vacuole Morphology in Tropic Responses in Arabidopsis / 147
Biochemistry Lemieux, Sophia Rose Understanding the Roles of A New Family of Cyclin-Dependent Kinases During Geminivirus Infection in Arabidopsis thaliana? / 137
Biological Sciences Lewis, Aubrey C Advancements in Medical Technology for Viral and Prionic Infections / 97
Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science Lichtenberger, Emily Lynn Analysis of Molecules Having a Catechol Group by Using the Chloride Anion Approach by APCI QTOF MS / 94
Animal Science Llanes, Annette Comparison of New, Once Used and Twice Used CIDRs for Ovulation Synchronization and Timed Artificial Insemination of Goats / 52
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Lord, Megan Amanda Phosphorus and Nitrogen Release from Inundated Floodplain Soils of Lake Frances / 59
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Love, Dillon M Solvated Annealing of a Block Ionomer at Low Temperatures / 129
Electrical & Computer Engineering Lunsford, Jean E Ultrasonic Transducer Characterization Suite / 83
Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science Madan, Ankesh On-Body Energy Harvesting Characterization of COTS Thermoelectric Harvesters / 43
Materials Science & Engineering  Manning, Jessica Allison Electroactuation in Amiphiphilic Gels / 113
Electrical & Computer Engineering Martin, Adam Charles Solid State Arc-Free Socket for DC Distribution Systems / 42
Chemistry Martin, William Kyle Sub-second detection of dopamine and hydrogen peroxide dynamics after administration of L-DOPA in the brain of an awake and freely-moving rat model of Parkinson's disease / 127
Biological Sciences Martin, Sydney Marie Supplementary and Inhibitory Hormone Therapies in Treating Endocrine Disorders / 131
Physics Mauney, Alexander William The Effect of Particle Shape on the Density of Acoustic Modes in Granular Materials / 139
Poultry Science Maxwell, Debra Adell The effects of incubation conditions on the nutrient digestibility of broilers / 61
Plant and Microbial Biology McAdams, Sarah Elisabeth From Order to Chaos: Genome Conservation and Diversity in Newly Isolated Paenibacillus larvae Bacteriophages / 63
Animal Science McCafferty, Morgan Elizabeth Will Avian Influenza (H7N9) Create a Pandemic or Needless Panic? / 19
Physics McKenney, Joshua Robert Gauge-invariant energy spectrum and phase shift due to presence of magnetic vector potential / 20
Mehta, Shraeya Jagdish Immunological Factors involved in Keratoconjunctivitis sicca / 1
Psychology Metz, Alexis Mackenzie Characteristics of Children Experiencing Homelessness: Differences by Shelter Location / 24
Interdisciplinary Programs Milot, Jordan David Ukraine’s Divided Nation: the Cost of Imposing Metanarratives / 60
Biological Sciences Moore, Hannah Kristan Simple Carbohydrates: Linking Obesity and Related Diseases with Dental Caries / 41
Psychology Moore, Brittanie C Associations between Psychiatric Symptoms and Negative Outcomes for Justice-Involved Adults with Serious Mental Illnesses / 129
Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Program Morina, Daniel Lawrence Comparison of white oak and sawtooth oak acorn production and attractiveness / 93
Biological Sciences Morris, Kirstin Emilie Evolutionary divergence in male coloration reflects a tradeoff between natural and sexual selection in Bahamas mosquitofish / 10
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Morris, Joy Beatrice The Extraction of Ammonium, Potassium and Phosphorus from Urine for Use as Fertilizer / 128
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Morris, Erin Kathryn Free Fatty Acid Content of Human Milk and Rancidity / 109
Biological Sciences Morrison, David Claude Clinical Success of Dental Implants in Which BondBone Is Used For Socket Augmentation Procedures / 124
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Naclerio, Michael Anthony Functionalization and Rheological Study of Nanodiamonds / 101
Animal Science Nebel, Amber Marie Bovine Leukemia Virus Expression in Beef Cattle / 96
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Needs, Daniel A Using Tandem Copies of Spinach Aptamer to Increase in vitro Fluoresence / 86
Animal Science Nieforth, Leanne O Peptidoglycan Recognition Proteins 2 and 4 are differentially regulated over time and acutely regulated by long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid treatment in the neonatal pig intestinal epithelial cell line, IPECJ2. / 91
Biological Sciences Nielsen, Natalie Rose The Effect of Antisense foxq1b and p53 Morpholinos on Gene Expression in Zebrafish Embryos / 145
Biological Sciences O'Connor, Kiley Nicole Caffeine Exposure to HEK293 Cell Line Affects Cell Survival / 15
Plant and Microbial Biology Omary, Arwa Mufeed Biosynthesis of Proanthocyanidin: Isolation of Candidate Enzymes Involved in Polymerization / 7
Biological Sciences Osborne, Shannon M P53, K14Cre on an Sp2C Background / 33
Molecular Biomedical Sciences Oskardmay, Ashley N Changes in Luteal Macrophage Cytokine and Cell Surface Marker Expression Following Treatment with Progesterone / 66
Horticultural Science Overbaugh, Ezekial Comparative diversity analysis of Southeastern Rubus germplasm through SSR Fingerprinting / 123
Forestry & Environmental Resources Owens, Rebecca Kay The Spatial Extent of the Ecological Effects of Outdoor Pet Cats / 10
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Page, Ashle Mills Quantifying Precipitate Size and Distribution in Aluminum Alloy Friction Stir Welds / 11
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Parks, James Corey Antimicrobial Effectiveness of a Silver-Containing Sulfonated Pentablock Copolymers / 152
Interdisciplinary Programs Patel, Meera Atul Do Remittances Benefit Rural Mexican Communities? / 41
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Peel, Helen Murrill Accessible Gardening Vehicle for Operators with Limited Mobility / 6
Microbiology Perez, Dorian Francisco Burkholderia tropica identified as an antibiotic producer from Swift Creek Bluffs Nature Preserve / 106
Interdisciplinary Programs Perry, Katie Racism and cultural appropriation of blackness in Puerto Rican folklore / 22
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Preddy, Tiffany A Carol Woods Green Roof Senior Design Project / 89
Social Work Premo, Kerry Nicole Question Persuade and Refer Gatekeeper Training at North Carolina State University / 144
Biomedical Engineering Price, Jennifer Leigh Ultrasound-Triggered Regulation of Blood Glucose Levels Using Injectable Nano-Network / 100
Animal Science Rabkin, Anna Nutrition and Genetic Interactions Affecting Tissue-Specific Stem Cell Activity / 121
Microbiology Ragland, Chad Hunter Pseudomonas isolate shows antibiotic activity when exposed to Bacillus subtilis / 107
Plant and Microbial Biology Raynor, Brinkley Hamilton Gene-ception: One Sequence, Two Apparent Genes in Alternate Reading Frames / 142
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Reardon, Lindsey Randall Windhexe® Dehydration Technology for Producing Anthocyanin-Rich Flours From Purple-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes / 62
Chemistry Rice, Natalie T Synthesis of Heterobimetallic Molecules for Photochemical Applications / 64
Biomedical Engineering Rikard, Stephanie Michaela Functionalized Gold Nanorods for the Delivery of Anticancer Drug Doxorubicin / 101
Soil Science Ring, Lynde Joy Ensuring Sustainable Access to Clean Water and Proper Sanitation Practices / 130
Animal Science Rogers, Kaitlyn K Hot and Cold: The Effects of Incubation Temperature on the Relative Gene Expression of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 and Related Proteins in Chickens (Gallus gallus) / 102
Plant and Microbial Biology Roland, Shelby Taylor Isolation and Characterization of Two Genetically Distinct Paenibacillus larvae Bacteriophages / 95
Biological Sciences Rollins, Emily Elizabeth Aryl hydrocarbon receptor directly regulates foxq1b transcription in developing zebrafish / 51
Soil Science Roth, Amanda Rose Cross inoculation potential between Malawian rhizobia strains and commonly grown legume crops / 135
Biological Sciences Russell, Elizabeth Adrian A Rose at Any Other Temperature: An Investigation of Environmental Effects on Lifespan in the Rose Populations of Drosophila melanogaster / 81
Biological Sciences Russell, Elizabeth Adrian The Effects of Paclitaxel and Cisplatin on Cultured HEK293

/ 8
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Said, Amira Magdi The effects and benefits of supplemental instruction materials for Introduction to Human Nutrition / 132
Soil Science Sams, Allison C. Characterizing the Aqueous Chemistry of Aquifers Containing Low and High Manganese Concentrations in the North Carolina Piedmont / 69
Plant and Microbial Biology Sanders, Rodger Wyatt Culturally Significant Plants of the Piedmont Prairies along a Native American Trading Route / 70
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Satasia, Avni Kiritkumar College Students: Caffeine Consumption vs. Weight Fluctuation / 4
Biological Sciences Schroeder, Gabrielle Marie Transcriptome assembly and analysis of male prairie vole (Microtus ochrogaster) reproductive tissues / 61
Genetics Schwartz, Michael Fredrick Transcriptional adaptors required for shoot apical meristem development in Arabidopsis thaliana / 3
Plant Pathology Scruggs, Andrew C Effect of Temperature on Disease Progression of Rhizopus Soft Rot and Fusarium Root Rot on Sweetpotato / 48
Physics Sellers, Kenneth Brandon Utilizing Leaf-like Morphology To Enhance Solar Steam Generation / 63
Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences Sheppard, Erica Ashley Issues Involving School Lunches: The Juggling Act of Funding, Policy, and Customer Satisfaction / 142
Physics Sherrill, Nathaniel Lawrence Time projection extrapolation for quantum systems / 6
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Shore, Carter Thomas Visual Rain Gauge / 56
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Sintavanon, Kornkanok Peptide Assembly on Surfaces / 9
Biological Sciences Smith, Jaclyn Elizabeth Construction of Recombinant Luciferase Vectors for Transcription Factor sp2 Up-regulation Assay / 30
Plant and Microbial Biology Song, Angelina Eun GC-MS based metabolite profiling of volatiles in Cuban oregano (Plectranthus amboinicus) / 94
Biological Sciences Stemp, Kenzi M Compensatory growth as a common means of coping with costly prey / 84
Interdisciplinary Programs Sterner, Matthew Mark Left-Behind Children of the Philippines: Challenges to Nationhood / 16
Forestry & Environmental Resources Stevens, Patrick Harrison Evaluating the Impact of Multiple Lagoons on Groundwater Quality / 50
Molecular Biomedical Sciences Stevens, Mackenzie Grace Investigation of Helicobacter infection in feline gastrointestinal disease using PCR / 150
Poultry Science Stewart, Shelby L Antibiotic Resistance Recommendation / 102
Computer Science Stith, Christian Harrison Computer-Based Testing: Developing Accessible Applications / 67
Statistics Tai, Shing Meteorologically-Adjusted Ozone Trends In the Charlotte Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) / 96
Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering Talbert, David William Title: Developing a Control Protocol to Optimize Operational Resources in Advance Oxidation Processes / 20
Microbiology Talib, Maliha Discovery and Identification of Potential Antibiotic Producing Microbe, Pseudomonas sp. CK8-10 / 28
Biological Sciences Teal, Ashley L Implications of Localization of Tachykinin 3 genes in the bluehead wrasse brain / 126
Entomology Tsang, Yin Hong Building a better fly / 141
Materials Science & Engineering  Tucker, Tasha Latonya Self-Assembly of Single Stranded DNA and Gold Nanoparticles / 49
English Turner, Laura Ann Analysis of Internship Programs within English Departments / 21
Microbiology Vaca, Alexander P Copper Homeostasis in C. jejuni / 103
Genetics Vaughn, Courtney Michelle Comparison of Meiotic Recombination Rates Using Immunostaining and Chromosomal Painting / 110
Biochemistry Vickers, Kristin D Sequence Enhancing Geminivirus Symptoms and African Cassava Mosaic Virus / 85
Molecular Biomedical Sciences Vijayakumar, Akshitha Foxj1-derived lineage in the adult subventricular stem cell niche constitutes a unique continuum established during perinatal mouse development / 5
Chemistry Virgil, Kyle Allan A computational study of photo-excitations in an alkyne-linked perylene-porphyrin dyad / 122
Psychology Waite, Maria T Cognitive Correlates of Response to Intervention: a Targeted Analysis for Reading Fluency at Tier 3. / 95
Textile & Apparel Technology & Management Wall, Jeremy Alexander APPARELPHERNALIA: Safety Clothing and Wearable Technology for Low Light and Active Persons / 136
Biological Sciences Walsh, Matthew Brooks The Revolution of Technology in the Classroom / 25
Biological Sciences Ward, Jana Grace Testing a custom-made kisspeptin2 antibody to localize protein expression of kisspeptin2 in the brain of Thalassoma bifasciatum / 21
Genetics Ward, Kirsty Jane Fighting old age: The relationship between aging and aggression in Drosophila melanogaster / 90
Chemistry Waugaman, Ashley N Mass Spectrometry-based Glycomics: Improving INLIGHT™ Relative Quantification Bioinformatics using Calculated Exact Mass and Mass Defect for Accurate N-Glycan Identification / 131
Biological Sciences Weitzel, Alexander David Behavioral Senescence of Drosophila melanogaster / 47
Biological Sciences Wenclawski, Stephanie D Predator detection of lab bred zebrafish (Danio rerio) / 59
Biochemistry Wendle, Chelsea Marie Effect of competitive inhibition on fluoride binding to dehaloperoxidase-hemoglobin A / 125
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering White, Steven Kelly The Use of Ionic Conductivity as a Means to Tracking Polymer Synthesis / 56
Electrical & Computer Engineering Whitmire, Eric Michael Cyber-physical Network of Terrestrial Insect Biobots / 139
Electrical & Computer Engineering Wiggins, Matthew R High Bandwidth Short Range Optical Communications for Autonomous Vehicles / 65
Sociology & Anthropology Wilder, Corinne Marie People First Tourism: A closer look at university-community partnerships for tourism and micro-entrepreneurship / 82
Psychology Williams, Teshanee Tamara Examining the Effect of Intervention Outcomes via Levels of Empowerment / 32
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Williams, David Nelson Conformational Transform from Diblock to Triblock Copolymer using DPD and Identification of Micelles / 72
Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering Wilson-Muller, Arienna Lee A Look at the Effect of Nano-Particles on the Acceleration of Cement Hydration / 5
Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science Wright, Grace Elizabeth Flexible PDMS Antenna Platforms for Wearable Applications / 2
Physics Younts, Robert Alexander Probing exciton coupling (inter/intra) in regioregular poly-(3-hexylthiophene) / 47
Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science Zane, Cody Patrick Flame Retardants: New Ways to Reduce Exposure / 103