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This program is moving to the College of Sciences on July 1, 2013, as part of the new Department of Biological Sciences. This page will remain available for a period of time after that date, but please note that the permanent home for the latest information on this program is at the new department’s website at

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B.S. Degree in Zoology
SZO single page description (pdf)
for students entering Summer 2013 and later:
SZO 137 curriculum requirements updated (pdf)

for students entering Summer 2011 through Spring 2013:

SZO 116 curriculum requirements (pdf)

for students entering Fall 2009 through Spring 2011:

SZO 097 curriculum requirements (pdf)

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Zoology educates students broadly in the biology of animals.  Students acquire a knowledge of zoology from the organizational level of molecules and cells to the organizational level of ecosystems.  After completing the core courses, students in Zoology are provided with great flexibility in the selection of upper level courses -- you can choose to specialize or remain generalized, according to your individual interests and career goals.  The B.S. in Zoology differs from the B.S. in Biological Sciences primarily in its emphasis on animals, including a course requirement in animal anatomy and physiology and a course requirement in animal phylogeny. 

The Zoology curriculum undergoes revision periodically, and this is reflected in the different curriculum codes above.  Be sure to select the one that applies to you.

Dr. Jennifer Campbell
Coordinator, B.S. in Zoology
Department of Biology
122 David Clark Labs
Dana Derosier
Zoology Undergrad Student Services
Department of Biology
116 David Clark Labs
Dr. Jane Lubischer
Director, Undergraduate Programs
Department of Biology
124 David Clark Labs

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