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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Your undergraduate experience involves much more than coursework.  Many students gain valuable skills and knowledge through participating in mentored research experiences.  There are many avenues through which you can look for research opportunities.  One approach is to learn about faculty research programs by exploring their websites, and then contact directly those faculty in whose work you are most interested.  Do not limit your search to faculty in the Department of Biology, but include other departments in which you might be interested, such as Entomology or Genetics.  A complete listing of departments in the College of Agriculture and Life Science can be found here.  Research experiences can also be found off the main NCSU campus (e.g., Research Triangle Park, Centennial Campus, NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine, other universities). 

Undergraduates in the Department of Biology have presented their research at local and national scientific meetings and have co-authored scientific papers.  In addition to valuable experience, you can earn credit for taking part in research -- in some curricula, this is part of the requirements for graduation.  There are also some opportunities to earn funding for your research, including the RISE Program (the posted information is for last year; this year's form will be available soon) for incoming undergraduates and the PackTrack program.  Your best resource for finding and successfully competing for funding is the NCSU Fellowship Advising Office.
New contact info for the RISE Program is

To learn more about undergraduate research experiences, explore the links below and talk to your academic adviser.  More links can also be found on the Bio Undergrad Resources page.

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