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This program is moving to the College of Sciences on July 1, 2013, as part of the new Department of Biological Sciences. This page will remain available for a period of time after that date, but please note that the permanent home for the latest information on this program is at the new department’s website at

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Academic Advising in the Department of Biology

If you are looking for contact information for your adviser, look here
Visit the Biology Advising Blog for all Bio Sci and Zoology students.  You can also read back issues of the print Bio Guru here.

You have the primary responsibility for your education, but your academic adviser looks forward to helping guide you through your undergraduate years.  Whether you are a new or returning student, you are encouraged to consult with your academic adviser as needed throughout the semester. 

To learn more about advising at NCSU, check out the
CALS Advising Handbook.

You are required to meet with your adviser at least once a semester during the enrollment (registration) advising period.  This is a 3 week period prior to enrollment during which you must meet with your adviser.  You will discuss your courses for the next semester, confirm your enrollment date and time (now known as your "enrollment appointment"), and discuss any questions and concerns that you may have.  You will also discuss your educational plans and career goals.

Each adviser handles scheduling in their own way -- either with a sign-up sheet on their
door, or through an online tool, or via e-mail.  Typically, they will e-mail you before the advising period begins to let you know how to schedule an appointment.  At any other time, you can contact your adviser via e-mail or phone (see below) to ask a quick question or schedule an appointment for a longer conversation.  If your adviser uses the online scheduler, you can go  here to schedule your pre-reg advising appointment.

For general questions:
ph: 919-515-3341

You can also get many common questions answered through the FAQ section of Academic Advising Services, NCSU's virtual advising center.

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