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This program is moving to the College of Sciences on July 1, 2013, as part of the new Department of Biological Sciences. This page will remain available for a period of time after that date, but please note that the permanent home for the latest information on this program is at the new department’s website at

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Graduate Students

Whether you are currently a graduate student in the NCSU Department of Biology or are thinking of applying, this is the place to learn more about graduate programs in our department and to find resources to help as you pursue your studies.

Our graduate students reflect the diversity of our faculty. From those with an interest in the molecular and cellular bases of life to those who focus on interactions among organisms through the lens of community ecology, our graduate students create their own programs of study within the broad field of the biological sciences.  Many take an integrative approach that draws on the wide variety of resources available both within the Biology Department and in the larger NCSU community.

Follow the links below or to the left to learn more about graduate studies in the NCSU Department of Biology.

The entire Department of Biology website is currently under construction, so please be patient with us as you navigate through it. You will find some links and pages that are not yet ready, but we are improving it every day and hope you will come back and visit.

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