Where to Submit PCard Receipts

In January 2017, the CBO, in collaboration with CALS and University staff, implemented a PCard pilot program across three CALS departments. The pilot, which concluded in May 2017, is part of an initiative to transition CALS PCard holders from uploading receipts into ServiceNow to uploading directly into the PCard Center in MyPack/PeopleSoft. 

In August, the CBO began to phase the remainder of CALS PCard holders to the new uploading process. During the phasing process, CALS PCard holders should follow the instructions outlined below for uploading PCard receipts. 

PCard Receipts should be submitted directly into the PCard Center if: 

  • You have completed the CBO in-person OR online PCard training
  • You were part of the PCard pilot (Includes OUCs: 111801,111802,118101,115001,115002,115003,115004,115005,115006,115007,115101,115201)
  • You are a county PCard holder (Includes OUC's belonging to 117XXX)
  • You received your PCard after May 10, 2017 

Access MyPackPortal    

PCard Center - PCard Submission Checklist

If you do not fall into any of the categories listed above, you should submit your PCard receipts into ServiceNow until instructed to do otherwise. 

Access ServiceNow   

ServiceNow - PCard Submission Checklist