CBO Biannual Departmental Trainings

The CBO is introducing a series of training sessions to CALS departmental staff interested in learning more about the systems and processes used for business transactions. The training sessions will be offered twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. These sessions are intended to provide instruction and guidance on the diverse business systems and tools that are used by the CBO and our departments. Each session will cover the purpose of, when to use, and how to use a specific system, tool, or process. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions and seek one-on-one guidance from a subject matter expert.  

Training sessions are geared specifically towards the needs of our departmental customers and are intended to provide the basics of what you need to know as a customer to ensure business transactions occur more easily and efficiently. We will continue to update and add to the training sessions as systems or processes change.

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Training Offerings & Descriptions

Business Topic Description Primary Audience

A Proper Business Purpose

A business purpose is required for all financial transactions (Journal Vouchers, Interdepartmental Transactions, vouchers, PCard purchases, etc). This training will detail the requirements for writing an appropriate business purpose that follows University standards, allowing the CBO Accounting Services Technician to code the transactions into the system for payment. Business Administrators, PIs

Contracts & Grants:
Post Award

CALS Contracts & Grants Post Award unit provides project management for all sponsored projects after awarding throughout the life of the project period. This training will provide an overview of services and transactions required to manage grant projects. This includes requesting Project Modification requests, tips on maneuvering WRS/PI Portal for monitoring budgets, and how to prepare for a successful Project Closeout. Business Administrators, PIs
Contracts & Grants:
CALS Contracts & Grants Pre-Award unit handles all C&G related items before an award and/or before the establishment of a 5 account, including advising and developing all necessary administrative documents required for contract and grant submission. This training will provide an overview of services and transactions required for alerting and providing the pre-award office with the necessary information for proposal development, including use of the Project Information and Navigation System (PINS). Business Administrators, PIs
Cost Share Cost Sharing is the portion of total project costs not borne by the sponsoring agency. It is essentially the amount of time you will spend on your project throughout the life of the project. This training will cover all the information needed to understand cost share and effort reporting. Business Administrators, PIs
Financial Submission Components Submission of financial documents to CBO Accounting Services is required for processing transactions in the financial system. This training will provide instruction on the proper documentation needed for each type of transaction, common mistakes, and the purpose for the documentation. Business Administrators, PIs
Gifts/Foundations CALS is largely supported by funds received through gifts and foundations. This training will explain the processes and procedures for what is considered a gift and the documentation to accompany all gift checks.  Business Administrators, PIs
How to Make a Large Purchase When making a purchase, anything over $5,000 needs to be approved by the University before the item can be purchased. This training will cover all that is required by the University when submitting a request for a large purchase in ServiceNow. Business Administrators, PIs
MarketPlace The MarketPlace is an electronic system available through MyPack that allows approved buyers to shop for business related goods and services online. This training will cover how to get started with MarketPlace, how to shop for goods and services, creating and routing orders for approval, and documenting the receipt of orders online.  Also covered is how to handle special circumstances such as returns and damaged goods.  Business Administrators, PIs
PCards The NC State University Purchasing Card (PCard) is a standard credit card issued to authorized NC State employees to pay for business related goods and services purchased on behalf of the University. The training will include an overview of PCard use and tips and tricks for navigating the PCard Center. This training is separate from the University training required for new cardholders.  Business Administrators, PIs
PI Portal The Principal Investigators Portal, or PI Portal, houses all sponsored program related systems in a central location in a format that is most useful and appealing to the user. Learn more about how to access related sponsor data for your program using the PI Portal. Business Administrators, PIs
Project Modification Request (PMR) System The PMR system streamlines prior approval requests from the department/PI to the College Research Office, then on to Contracts & Grants and Sponsored Programs. Learn about the Project Modification Request module functionality and how to access, complete and submit modification requests. Business Administrators, PIs
Purchase Authorization (PA) System The CALS Purchase Authorization (PA) System is an online authorization form submitted by faculty and staff for authorizing purchases less than $5,000 from companies that invoice for payment. The PA System provides external vendors with a PA number to include on their invoices. Learn how to navigate the PA system, properly fill out the form, and manage PA numbers.  Business Administrators, PIs
REEPort REEport is the vehicle through which the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) performs its required data collection for research project initiation and progress reporting. Learn how to navigate the REEport portal, submit for a new Hatch project and its annual Progress Report, and learn more about why faculty need to have a Hatch project (phase). PIs
Retro Justifications Retro Justifications are used to justify payroll redistributions made over 90 days. They are needed when moving an employee's payroll from one ledger 5 account to another ledger 5 account or non-ledger account. This training will cover the roles and responsibilities of the PI and College when it comes to salary distributions and redistributions and how to submit a 90 day Retro Justification form. Business Administrators, PIs
Salary Distribution Change (SDC) This training will cover the processes used for creating or changing an employee's and/or position's distribution for "regular" compensation (i.e., salary, benefits, and taxes) to the associated projects and accounts during the payroll distribution process. Business Administrators
ServiceNow ServiceNow is the College's incident management system. This is the portal though which all business transactions and documents are submitted. The training will cover how to navigate ServiceNow as well as submit common business documents such as vouchers, PCard receipts, JVs, and IDTs. Business Administrators, PIs
Travel Planning your next business trip and ensuring you receive reimbursement afterwards can be much easier if you are properly prepared and aware of University travel guidelines. This training will cover frequent travel questions, use of the Travel Center, and requirements for common travel expenses. Business Administrators, PIs
Wolfpack Reporting System (WRS) The Wolfpack Reporting System was designed to create a “one-stop shop” for many reporting applications available for campus use as well as various application links on the same menu. The system includes customer friendly reports that retrieve information from Financial Reporting in a form that helps you see the big picture, explore details, and make decisions. Learn how to access the data within this system to manage all funding sources related to your program. Business Administrators, PIs