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What We Do...

  • Design and maintain a multimedia environment in 48 learning spaces, including 23 classrooms, 8 student computing facilities, and 17 conference rooms.
  • Multimedia equipment design and purchasing assistance for CALS Departments.
  • On site lab assistant support for the CALS Student Computing Facilities.
  • Large format printing for CALS students/classes and Undergraduate Research Symposiums.
  • Faculty and staff training for facilities and equipment use.
  • Development and maintenance of technical information, security alert system, etc. for CALS students.


  • We have updated the Classroom Touch Panel UI.
  • We are preparing for the Analog Sunset in the CALS Academic Environment
  • We have updated the Conferencing Technologies page. Go check it out and see what we have to offer!
  • We have added Instructional Technologies to our list of resources on the CAAT Academic page!
  • We have added Video Guides to the CAAT Academic page!
  • The CAAT Academic Support team will use this time over the summer break to ensure that our facilities are in the best of shape!
  • With the move to COS students may notice access to the large format printers has been updated to show the move, and only CALS students are allowed to use the printing facilities.