CALS Software Requests

Requests to Install Software for use in CALS Student Computing Facilities or Multimedia Classrooms

CALS operates a complex networked instructional computing environment which serves all of the students, course and programs of the college. Software cannot be easily directly installed on individual machines or at short notice without quickly creating a support nightmare, and a chaotic environment for other faculty and students. Installation of new software in this environment requires careful testing to ensure successful operation in a network environment (printing, file-sharing, security, etc.), and also to ensure that the installation will not generate problems in the overall computing environment. Faculty requesting software installation will always be required to show that they have purchased an appropriate number of licenses.

The CALS Academic Programs Office has agreed that in general, all requests to install software must be received at least 3 weeks before the software is to be used. We ask that you use the Software Request Form to get new software installed in the classrooms or conference rooms.  The following timetable will be pursued:


  • The requester will be asked to provide the software installation components and manuals, as well as evidence of appropriate licenses. CAAT staff will then have up to two weeks to evaluate the software, do testing and perform an installation if appropriate.
  • Within this initial two week period, the requester will be either (1) informed that the software is successfully installed and ready for testing (in this case, the requester will now be able to test the software and be asked to verify that the installation meets his or her requirements) or (2) will be advised of problems associated with the installation (in this case, a decision will need to be made to decide how to proceed - options may be renewed effort to install the software, review of alternative software, etc).
  • All testing and modification should be completed within last week of the initial request in order to provide time for familiarization by the requester, development of related course materials, etc.


Personal Installation of Software and Course Files

Faculty and staff should not expect to install software themselves in the Colleges computer facilities or multimedia classrooms. If you need to use special software at short notice, it is preferred that you bring a laptop, since these can usually be quickly attached to the available projection equipment. Software installation in a heavily used and networked computing environment can easily effect configuration settings and make the systems inaccessible for other faculty. To ensure that CALS classroom computers are functioning correctly and providing the expected services for ALL teaching faculty, these machines are routinely re-formatted, so that all files installed on the hard drive will be deleted. If you have questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to

File Space for Course Materials

In most cases the most appropriate method to deliver course materials to students is via the World Wide Web, from a Web page created especially for your course. See our Online Course Development handout for information on this subject.

Please send questions and comments to