Analog Sunset

What is the "analog sunset" and how does it impact classroom technology?

The "analog sunset" is the broad term being used to describe the transition to digital display technologies that is currently ongoing within the electronics industry. As the analog sunset progresses, new electronic devices will no longer be able to interface with older analog devices and vice-versa. In addition, most of the major PC manufacturers have announced that beginning in 2014, they will be removing VGA entirely from their computers.

If you are interested in the technological specifics of this issue, a good article can be found here.





CALS Classroom Impact

This is applicable to us here at NC State because our existing audio/visual infrastructure is, with very few exceptions, analog VGA. The installed systems will be upgraded to adapt to these changes in time, but for now, this means that as the sunset progresses, it is becoming more difficult to attach new devices (laptop computers, tablets, cameras, etc) to the installed systems without using a variety of specialized adapters and converters.

So, if you are a regular user of technology in the classroom, it is critical that you understand and plan ahead for these issues if you want to have a successful presentation experience. We recommend having a digital copy of the presentation on a USB flash drive, so it can be used on the classroom desktop.  You do have the option to purchase adapters and converters, but we can not support these devices or guarantee they will work in the classroom.

Planned Upgrades


 This will be the Standard Connection in Classrooms and Conference Rooms


  DVI     DisplayPort    Mini DisplayPort

Adapters will be required with the connections shown above, and they must have a female HDMI connector.