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Windows 8.1 Tips

XP End of Life

Do you have an XP machine? If it is on the network, it must be upgraded by end of May 12, 2014 or removed from the network!
Submit your XP machine for an exception to stay on the network. FORM

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What we do

  • Develop and maintain the CALS Administrative standard computing environment
  • Provide a broad range of technical support and centralized services to CALS staff and departments
  • Support and consult with departmental IT support staff
  • Create and share hardware and software guidelines to our users
  • Run CAAT Help Desk operations
  • Collaborate with OIT on network, email, calendar, and other campus resource solutions
  • Support innovative and creative solutions

CAAT Helpdesk :: (919) 515-6777 ::
OIT System Announcements
1 Wireless Distribution Router DHCP Relay Issue
2 WolfMeeting (WebEx) maintenance
3 OIT update on Heartbleed OpenSSL bug
4 Backbone Router Maintenance
5 UPS Battery Replacement for Nelson Hall
Source: NCSU SysNews
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