We Want You Here

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is globally recognized for our teaching in agriculture and the life sciences. We are a research powerhouse with dynamic undergraduate and graduate research opportunities for our students.

We grow professional leaders in agriculture and the life sciences and prepare students for graduate and doctoral degrees.

We cultivate change agents that confront grand challenges with innovative solutions, and we’d like you to join our pack. Click here to find your Path to CALS.

CALS by The Numbers

  • 18 bachelor's, 38 graduate (M.S. and Ph.D.) and 6 associate degrees
  • 12 academic departments
  • 6 two-year associate degrees through our Agricultural Institute (AGI)
  • 3,714 total CALS students
         - 2,393 students in four-year undergraduate programs
         - 285 students in the two-year Agricultural Institute

Earn your Degree Virtually Debt-free

  • NC State ranks #1 among N.C. public universities for the best 20 Year Net Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Many CALS students fund their degrees with scholarship monies
  • 340+ undergraduate CALS and AGI scholarships
  • $1 million total value of all undergraduate scholarships

Career Opportunities

  • Your career possibilities don't stop at farming.
  • More than 85% of food and fiber industry jobs are not directly linked to farming: 
          - 50% are in business management
          - 12% are in agricultural education, communication or policy/regulation
          - 27% are in the STEM fields
  • 95% of CALS students with high-need degrees have jobs when they graduate with salaries well above the state’s median income.

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