AG*IDEA, an affiliate of the Great Plains IDEA, is a national consortium of universities offering programs and courses in agriculture disciplines. North Carolina State University is an active member of the consortium, and NC State students can enroll in courses offered through AG*IDEA. The courses are taught via distance education technologies by experienced and engaging faculty who are experts in their disciplines. Completed courses appear on an NC State student’s transcript as NC State courses with the grade assigned by the teaching faculty member without regard to which university they teach at in the consortium.

AG*IDEA has three instructional terms in a calendar year: spring semester, fall semester, and a summer term, which corresponds to the NC State 10-week summer term.

Courses in the AG*IDEA consortium have a “Common Price” per credit hour and the cost is above and beyond the normal tuition cost for NC State students. Additional information about AG*IDEA, including the Common Price for courses, can be found at the AG*IDEA website.

AG*IDEA at NC State


For questions about AG*IDEA, contact Julie Holder, Ag*IDEA Campus Coordinator: