ASPIRE Application

Click Here for the Online Application

The ASPIRE application can either be submitted online or by mail. For the online application, please click on the link above. However, if you wish to turn in a hard copy application, below you will find the PDF file for the ASPIRE application. After completing your application, please mail it to the following address:

North Carolina State University
111 Patterson Hall
Campus Box 7642
Raleigh, NC 27695

ASPIRE Application

The initial cost of the ASPIRE program is $165 (Classes prior to July 1st , 2013 are $150) However $100 is refundable based upon your attendance and taking all four of the ACT practice exams within the ASPIRE program. The other $65 will help to cover the cost of your ACT Test Preparation materials and instruction. The materials include: 1 Princeton Review ACT Study Manual, 1,296 Practice Questions Booklet, Princeton Review Selective College Admissions Booklet, 4 full length ACT Practice Exams, and 30 hours of ACT Test Preparation Instruction. If you were to privately seek this same type of ACT Test preparation, you would pay more than $1,000!

Once you have been accepted to participate in the ASPIRE Program, you will receive instruction on payment for ASPIRE materials.