The ASPIRE program is designed to bridge deficits in rural high school students’ performance on the ACT College Entrance Examination in order to increase the number of students pursuing higher education. Traditional “Ag” departments are struggling to recruit, admit, and retain students interested in pursuing Bachelor’s degrees. Rural high school students with a rich history and interest in pursuing careers in agriculture in the state of North Carolina are not successful in gaining in admissions to 4-year institutions offering agriculture degrees. This is often due to their test scores on a college entrance examination.

As a high school student, preparing for a college entrance examination like the ACT can be pretty difficult! Your local Cooperative Extension agents and public high school teachers are offering a course to prepare rural sophomores and juniors for the ACT College Entrance Examination through the ASPIRE (ACT Supplemental Preparation In Rural Education) program. By participating in an ASPIRE ACT class, you will learn the latest tactics and strategies to improve your ACT score and increase your chances of getting into college.

The program includes 30 hours of ACT course instruction where students will learn the skills they need to tackle the ACT. Along with course instruction, students also receive the Princeton Review ACT study manual, The Princeton Review 1,460 practice question manual, and access to 4 ACT full-length practice exams with score analysis and breakdown.