How to Apply for CALS Scholarships

Students accepted for admission to NC State can apply for CALS Scholarships by completing an online scholarship application. This application is required for consideration by the CALS Scholarship Committee. Continuing students are also required to submit the online application each year to maintain their scholarship. 

Awards are offered in spring to potential recipients. For the upcoming scholarship year, (2017-18), award offers will be released within the students' scholarship portals. Acceptance and uploads of thank you notes will be submitted in the portal as well. Please note that these offers are contingent on receiving a thank you note that should be uploaded into the scholarship portal; lack of a thank you note in the allotted time frame will result in revocation of funds. 

The CALS Scholarship & Awards review committee may disqualify incomplete applications; therefore, we recommend students take their time and answer every question. Before you begin the application, see these helpful tips for applying for scholarships and financial aid, and review the application deadlines