Student Interns

The duration of student internships at NC State can last between 2 and 12 months. The internship must fulfill educational objectives for the individual’s current degree program at their home institution. International student interns are from accredited post-secondary academic institutions abroad. The purpose of internships is gain exposure to American technologies, methodologies, and techniques in addition to expanding upon the student’s exiting knowledge and skills.

J-1 STUDENT INTERN APPLICANT CRITERIA. The applicant must demonstrate s/he meets all of the following:

  • Currently enrolled in a degree program at an accredited post-secondary academic institution outside the United States;
  • Invited by a NC State faculty member;
  • In good academic standing at the home university;
  • Recommended by a faculty advisor at the student’s home academic institution;
  • Will return to the academic institution abroad in which s/he is enrolled to fulfill and obtain the degree after completion of the internship;
  • Has verifiable English skills sufficient to function on a day-to-day basis in the internship environment;
  • Is primarily coming to the U.S. to engage in an internship program rather than to engage in employment;
  • Has sufficient finances to support himself/herself and any accompanying dependents during the internship period. The NCSU host department may but is not required to assist with financial support. The minimum funding requirement is as follows: $1500 per month for the student intern; $800 per month for an accompanying spouse; $500 per month for each accompanying child.

INTERNSHIP CRITERIA. The internship itself must meet all of the following:

  • Is integral to the student’s academic program and will fulfill educational objectives for the student’s degree program abroad;
  • Exposes the student intern to American technologies, methodologies, and techniques and expands upon the student intern’s existing knowledge and skills;
  • Be full time (minimum of 32 hours per week);
  • Be evaluated by the intern and supervisor periodically.

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