Vegetable Breeding, Production, and Processing Fall 2016

During the first week of September this year, a group of delegates from Brazil visited NC State's campus. The group consisted of one representative from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) and a group of three from a company called Sekita. Sekita specializes in the production of a number of different crops including carrots (of which they are one of the largest suppliers in Brazil), beets, corn, soy, and garlic. Currently the company is interested in adding sweet potatoes to their list of production crops. Due to this interest, NC State's department of horticulture was a valuable resource for the visit as there are a number faculty who are highly experienced in and knowledgeable about sweet potato production. The visit was able to provide the delegates with both lectures and field visits to learn more about breeding, production, and processing.

The group meeting with Dr. Ken Pecota and Dr. Bode Olukolu in the field.


Examining sweet potatoes.


Visting Jones Family Farm to learn about sweet potato growing techniques.


Dr. Carole Saravitz opens one of the growth chambers for the group at the NCSU Phytotron.


The group in one of the greenhouses atop the NCSU Phytotron.