Visit from Nagoya University in Japan

August 2-3, 2016

A delegation from Nagoya University visited NC State during August. During the visit, members of their Botany, Bioagricultural Sciences, and Applied Molecular Biosciences departments met with NC State faculty in corresponding areas of expertise. Additionally, the group met with Provost Warwick Arden, Vice Provost Duane Larick, and Vice Provost Bailian Li to further discuss avenues for collaboration and partnership. Closing out the visit, Dr. Takashi Yoshimura from Nagoya University's Department of Bioagricultural Sciences gave a seminar titled “Towards understanding the mechanism of seasonal reproduction: an interdisciplinary approach" in Scott Hall.

Yasuyuki Kitaura, Takashi Yoshimura, José Cisneros, Yoshiharu Shimomura, Tatsuo Omata, Masatsugu Toyota, Katsuhiro Shiratake, and Tomohisa Koyama outside of Kilgore Hall.


Takashi Yoshimura giving his seminar in Scott Hall.


Lunch with Vice Provost Bailian Li, Duane Larick, and Provost Warwick Arden.