Dr. Godfrey Asea, Director of the National Crops Resources Research Institute in Namulonge, Uganda, Visits NC State

March 8-10, 2016

Dr. Godfrey Asea visited NC State to discuss potential long-term collaborations between the university and the National Crops Resources Research Institute in Uganda. The visit also served as an opportunity to learn about NC State's research programs. While on campus he visited the university's Horticultural Crops Research Station and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture's Central Crops Research Station. He also met with with Dr. Sandy Stewart, director of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, as well as Dr. David Monks, Dr. Rebecca Boston, and Dr. Reid Evans of North Carolina Agricultural Research Services (NCARS).

José Cisneros, Godfrey Asea, Sandy Stewart, Craig Yencho, Bernard Yada, David Monks, Roger Crickenberger, Rebecca Boston, and Reid Evans.


Meeting in Patterson Hall with Rebecca Boston, Reid Evans, Sandy Stewart, Craig Yencho, Godfrey Asea, and Bernard Yada.


The possiblity of future collaborations between NC State and the National Crops Research Institute in Uganda is currently being explored.