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Welcome to CALS Business Operations

Please note that the tabs across the top of each page allow users to navigate to specific units within the CALS Business Center, and that each unit has a left-side navigation bar with additional resources.

General Contact information for CALS Business Operations is:

Business Center Main Line - (919) 515-6378
Business Center Main Fax -  (919) 515-3074
Campus Mailing Address -  Campus Box 7644
If you do note have an established staff contact in CALS Business Opearations, or are unsure who to speak with, please contact the following individuals:
Sheree Avent - (919) 515-7919,  All non Contract and Grant Accounting Issues (invoices, deposits, pcards, travel, IDT's, journals, sales and service, billings, etc).  This group handles Appropriated Funds, Overhead Receipts, Sales and Service, Foundation and Gift funds.  If Sheree is unavailable and your concern is urgent, please direct questions to Joy Martin, (919) 513-3977,
Dollie Moore - (919) 515-6226, All Contracts and Grant issues.
Tammy Liverman - (919) 515-6372, Budget Matters, Graduate Students and Temp Bi-Weekly employment concerns.
Rebecca Zuvich - (919) 515-2641, All Personnel Issues excluding Temps.

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