Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your office provide to students?
CALS Career Services works with undergraduate and graduate students of all CALS majors and class years. We help students explore major and career options, develop resumes and cover letters, prepare for graduate school or job interviews, research employers, and locate part-time jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and full-time positions.

When should I refer students to CALS Career Services?
As early as possible!  We are available to assist underclassmen with major and career options as well as experiential learning opportunities (internships and part-time employment). We can help upperclassmen develop job search strategies, fine tune their resumes, and maximize their access to employment opportunities.

How should I refer students to CALS Career Services?
Encourage students to call (919) 515-3249 or schedule an appointment online. We will identify which of our resources or services are most appropriate for the student's current situation.

Where is CALS Career Services located and what are your hours?
We are located in 107 Patterson Hall on North Campus.  Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8 am-12 pm and 1pm-5pm.

Can a Career Services Staff member present to my class?

Yes. Simply call our office at (919) 515-3249 to schedule a presentation.  Advance notice is appreciated.

Who recruits CALS students?
Request a recruiting report for your department by emailing Melissa Kahn (melissa_kahn@ncsu.edu). Click here to see participant lists from the current year.

How can I help CALS Career Services?

  • Recommend specific employers or career fields you think we should consider for on-campus recruiting.
  • Share information with us concerning your field of study and related careers.
  • Share information about resources and upcoming events with your students.
  • Invite us to speak to your class.