A large percentage of CALS students are interested in continuing their education after completing their bachelor's degree. Graduate degrees can give you more opportunities for career advancement and a higher salary while professional degrees are usually needed to get started in a particular career. For example, you can't become a doctor without an M.D. and you can't become a veterinarian without a D.V.M. However, the decision to continue your education is a big one that you want to make sure you think through before committing. Graduate school typically means more several more years of demanding courses that you'll have to balance with research or work experiences. The links below will help you evaluate if another degree is what you want and guide you through the application process.


Gap Years
Need a detour before you continue your career journey? Maybe you want a year off before applying to professional schools or searching for a permanent job. If so, you are among the many college graduates who are opting for a gap year after graduation. Explore your options -- the possibilities are endless!