Resumes & Cover Letters

Whether you are a freshman or a senior, you will need a resume.  Your resume is the first part of your personal marketing package - the tools that you use to market yourself to potential employers.  Even if you aren't ready for a job or internship search, creating a resume & keeping it up to date will help you keep track of your experiences and accomplishments.  Putting what you've done on paper will show you the steps that you've already taken towards accomplishing your goals as well as the gaps that you still need to fill in.  Students who aspire to enter vet or med school aren't exempt from resume preparation!  This document will be critical in the search for an internship - something that helps students stand out in the competitive admissions process.

Your resume is not the only thing that you need to have to give out to employers.  A cover letter should almost always accompany your resume and is just as important.  Your cover letter should introduce you and your resume but you don't want to just repeat the same thing on both documents.

Here are some resources that will help you get started on both resumes & cover letters.  After you put together a rough draft, we recommend that you make an appointment to have it reviewed.  Everyone's resume & cover letter will be a little different and we can provide the individual feedback needed to make your resume stand out!

Want even more help? Attend the University Career Development Center's Professional LAUNCH Series on Resumes & Cover letters.


Examples of Resumes

The Professional Summary
Get tips for perfecting this section of your resume

Resume Skills Sheet
Use this exercise to generate ideas for your resume

Resume Checklist
Make sure your resume contains these items

Simple Mistakes to Avoid
View these common cover letter mistakes

Sample Cover Letters
View exmples of a successful cover letter

Cover Letter Checklist
Did you remember these details?

Sample Thank You Notes
Don't forget this simple tool to make you shine!

Portfolio Checklist
Make sure to include these details

Starting Your Portfolio
How to get started and what to include

Transferrable Skills
Assess which skills you should emphasize

Portfolio Handbook
A comprehensive guide to creating a portfolio