NCSU CALS Career Services -Full List of CALS Majors

Full List of CALS Majors

Agricultural Business Management
          Biological Sciences Concentration

Agricultural Education

Agricultural & Environmental Technology

Agricultural Science

Animal Science


Biological Engineering

          Agricultural Engineering Concentration
          Bioprocessing Engineering Concentration
          Environmental Engineering Concentration

Bioprocessing Science

Extension Education

          Agricultural Extension Concentration
          Youth Leadership Development Concentration

Food Science

Horticultural Science

Natural Resources

          Soil and Water Systems Concentration
          Soil Resources Concentration

Nutrition Science

Plant Biology

Plant and Soil Science

          Agroecology Concentration
          Agronomic Business Concentration
          Agronomic Science Concentration
          Crop Biotechnology Concentration
          Crop Production Concentration
          Soil Science Concentration

Poultry Science

Soil & Land Development
          Land Development Concentation
          Soil Science Concentation

Turfgrass Science


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