The “Campaign for Counties” has been created to provide agents and volunteers with an opportunity to partner with these two foundations to secure and manage the private funds necessary to “help people put knowledge to work.” Programmatic resources, operating funds, and endowments to sustain CES are among the areas targeted in the “Campaign for Counties.”

Facts about Campaign for Counties:

  • North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Foundation accepts gifts that support any component of NC CES
  • North Carolina 4-H Development Fund (accepting gifts for 4-H youth development programs at the local, county and state levels)
  • North Carolina Family and Consumer Sciences Foundation (accepting gifts for family and consumer programs at the local, county and state levels)
  • North Carolina Landscapes of Opportunity Foundation (accepting gifts of land that can be preserved/utilized to provide extension or research programs to benefit the citizens of the state)

How are funds invested?

Funds in the NCCES Foundation (and the entities it supports) are invested in a diversified portfolio of long term, intermediate and short term investments. Because these foundations are entities in the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, they are invested in the same instruments. Restricted funds, Enhancement Funds, and Building to Endowment Funds are invested in short term and intermediate term investments because these accounts must remain liquid. Endowed funds are invested in high yielding, long term investments since these funds are invested in perpetuity.