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Diversity Council Members
The Diversity Council serves as a catalyst to foster inclusiveness within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Consisting of administrators and faculty members, the council advises and assists Assistant Dean Dr. Lisa Guion Jones, who chairs the committee, in planning strategies to recruit and retain outstanding students, as well as faculty and staff members, from historically underrepresented groups. The council also makes recommendations on strategies that promote these groups' success.

Consuelo Arellano
Research Assistant Professor

Sylvia M Blankenship
Associate Dean for Administration, Professor
CALS - Academic Programs

Jackie Bruce
Assistant Professor
Agricultural & Extension Educa

Jose Manuel Bruno-Barcena
Associate Professor of Microbiology
Plant and Microbial Biology

John J Classen
Associate Professor
Biological And Agricultural En

Harry V Daniels
Department Head, Professor
Applied Ecology

Eric L Davis
Department Head, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor
Plant Pathology

Colleen Jennifer Doherty
Assistant Professor

John M Dole
Department Head, Professor
Horticultural Science

Alex Graves
Associate Professor
Soil Science

Nichole Langley Huff
Assistant Professor, Extension Specialist
Youth, Family & Community Sci.

Lisa Guion Jones
Professor, Associate Director of Academic Programs. Assistant Dean for Diversity, Outreach, and Engagement

Edward L Kick
Ag & Resource Economics

Kimberly Ann Livingston
Assistant Professor
Poultry Science

Ilenys M Perez-Diaz
Microbiologist USDA-ARS
Food,Bioprocess & Nutrition Sc

Marcela Rojas-Pierce
Assistant Professor
Plant and Microbial Biology

M Todd See
Department Head, Professor
Animal Science

Wes Watson
Interim Department Head, Professor

Randy Wells
Crop Science

Chris Cammarene- Wessel
Director of ECA and FCS Foundation, Academic Programs and Departmental Fundraising

Rebecca Zuvich
Assistant Dean
CALS Personnel Services

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