Payroll FAQ's

Q.  How do I change my personal address?

A.  You can update your personal address and phone number online via Employee Self Service in the Administrative Portal. This will update your employee information as well as your student information. Please note that some benefits providers require you to contact them directly with address changes. For information about changing your address for all of your benefits please contact the
Extension Benefits office.

Q.  How do I change my name on my paycheck?
A.  Your name on your paycheck must match your social security card exactly.  If it does not, contact your District Extension Director’s office.  If your name changes due to marriage or divorce, please visit your local
Social Security Administration and request a new card.  Once you receive your new card, please contact your DED office.  This form will only correct your name on your University paycheck.  You will need to contact the Extension Benefits office to change your name on your benefit plans.

Q.  How do I change my federal/state tax status/allowances?
A.  Employees can add or change tax information via Employee Self Service in the Administrative Portal. 

Q.  How do I enroll/change my direct deposit?
A.  Direct Deposit information should be updated through Employee Self Service in the Administrative Portal. Please make any account/banking changes as soon as possible. Updates/changes will be effective in the current month so long as the payroll has not been confirmed. Once you hit the 'Submit' button, you will be prompted with a message that tells you whether the update will be applied in the current month or the following month. NCSU has the right to retract and correct payments as necessary.

Q.  When should I close my old account when changing my direct deposit?
A.  Make sure that you don’t close your old account until you receive your first direct deposit into the new account.  Failure to wait to close your old account could result in your check being returned to the Federal Reserve.  This process of retrieving your money could take up to 15 days after payday.  Any further questions contact 
Extension Payroll.

Q.  How do I request a wage/salary verification?
A.  Wage/salary verification can only be completed by written request of the employee please contact
Extension Payroll for details.

Q.  What does OASDI and HI stand for and why do they come out of my check?
A.  Old age survivors and disability insurance (OASDI) and other insurance (HI) are both social security taxes. 

Q.  What do we do if our paychecks/stubs don’t arrive by payday?
A.  Wait until the day after payday to see if your checks/stubs will arrive with that delivery.  If they are not in your office by the day after payday, contact
Extension Payroll.  Paychecks are mailed with plenty of time to ensure delivery on or before payday.  However, the package may still be delayed through the US Postal Service.

Q.  How do I change the check distribution address or check distribution coordinator? 
A.  Complete a
CDC update form (Adobe PDF) and submit it to Extension Payroll.

Q.  How do I get a duplicate W-2?
A.  Duplicate W-2 requests can be submitted through Employee Self Service in the Administrative Portal.

Q.  When will I receive payment for my vacation and/or bonus leave?
A.   If you have a balance of vacation and/or bonus leave as of your termination date, usually payment is received the month after you terminate. You will receive your vacation/bonus leave pay out via direct deposit if payment is made within 90 days of termination.  Your check/stub will be sent to the county in which you were employed.  If you haven’t received your vacation/bonus pay out and you believe you are entitled to one or if you have a question about the calculation or the amount paid, please contact the
Personnel Leave Coordinator at 919-515-1377

Q.  Am I eligible for state paid longevity?
A.  The State of North Carolina pays longevity to SPA employees who have been employed 10 or more years with any state agency.  NC State University and NC Cooperative Extension Service pay SPA longevity on your state anniversary date.  As a county employee you will have to contact your county to inquire on whether or not they participate in paying their portion of your state longevity through your NC State paycheck.  The current percentages that longevity is paid are 10-14 years= 1.5%, 15-19 years= 2.25%, 20-24 years= 3.25%, 25 years or more= 4.5%.  Longevity is taxed in the same method as your base pay.  Longevity is prorated when a SPA terminates or retires that would have been due longevity.

Q.  Do I have to work on my last day?
A.  NC Cooperative Extension Service requires you to come into the office on your last day of work.  It is up to your supervisor whether or not you are required to stay the entire workday.  If you do not work the entire workday, vacation/bonus leave must be used for the time that you do not work that day.  If your last day falls on a holiday, you must work the day before and the day after to earn that holiday.

Q.  I have a question regarding a deduction on my paycheck for my Federal Retirement, Thrift Savings Plan, or Federal Life Insurance.  Who do I contact?
Extension Benefits.

  Q.  Where do I find more information about becoming a ‘send in’ county?
A.  You will find this information within the 
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Handbook.  This will link you to the appropriate web site to inquiry on Procedures on Establishing a Trust Fund Account at NC State University for Payrolling County Personnel.

Q.  Who do I contact if I have questions about my paycheck?
Extension Payroll or The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Personnel - Payroll Section at 919-515-1382 (phone), 919-513-2617(fax), or Campus Box 7917, Raleigh, NC 27695. 

County Finance
Q. How does the payroll draft function for counties in a Send in agreement with the University?
A. If an employee is paid via the NC State Payroll Department, but is partially funded through County Funds, the county ‘trust’ account is drafted once a month through the State Treasurer’s Office.  Our office will contact the County Finance Office one week prior to the draft via email as to what the amount drafted will be and as to when the draft will take place.  All calls regarding the draft should be directed towards
Extension Payroll, 919-515-1382 (phone), 919-513-2617 (fax), Campus Box 7917, Raleigh, NC 27695

Q.  How do I determine what the object code and the earnings code represents for each Gross and Benefits amount posted on the Labor Distribution report?

A.  If a code appears on a report that you do not recognize please contact Extension Payroll.

Q.  How do I change the contact person or fax number to where the report is sent?
A.  Contact
Extension Payroll, 919-515-1382 (phone), 919-513-2617 (fax), Campus Box 7917, Raleigh, NC 27695. 

Q.  Who do I contact if we don’t agree with the total to be drafted or an amount for an employee?

A.  First check with your County Extension Director, they might be able to explain any differences in payroll due to longevity, leave, bonuses or pay rate changes. 

Q.  What do we do if we don’t have the funds for the draft to take place?
A.  Contact
Extension Payroll immediately.

District Administration
Q.  What action/reason do I use for an EPA employee who is transferring to another county?
A.  Transfer/lateral transfer.  They should not keep their current position unless otherwise cleared with Employment and Administration.

Q.  What action/reason do I use for an EPA employee who is moving into another position within their current county?
A.  Promotion/Promotion professional. Their current title should not be changed to reflect the promotion.  They should be placed in a completely different position.

Q.  Why is the department deadline so early in the month to submit actions?
A.  Monthly payroll has to confirm at least 7 days before payday.  It takes roughly one workweek to process and confirm the monthly payroll.  Central Offices are given roughly 3-4 workdays to finish approving pending actions.  Departments are given roughly 3 workweeks to submit actions for the upcoming payroll.

Q.  Why can’t I submit future month’s actions if I know they are to be processed?
A.  To maintain a clean system it is easier and more efficient to process actions for the current month’s payroll only.  This cuts down on the number of future rows.

Q.  What effective date do I use if an employee’s last day falls on a holiday for the University but not for the county?
A.  Use the day after the last day in the office.  We have to acknowledge county holidays.

Health Insurance
Q.  An employee terminated, transferred or retired this month from our payroll.  Why are they still on my invoice?
A.  Health insurance is prepaid.  January deduction pays for February coverage.  February deduction pays for March coverage, etc.  If a deduction is taken from the employees check our program will create an invoice. 

Q.  The amount I calculate for the health insurance deduction does not match the amount on my invoice.  What do I do?

A.  Our Payroll system uses a formula to calculate the amount to bill your county.  This formula is as follows: County Salary (X) agency contribution ($285.92) / total salary = $ amt. billed.  If you need assistance calculating an amount, contact
Extension Payroll.

Q.  How do we change our address to where the invoice is sent?

A.  Contact
Extension Payroll.  

Q.  If I have a question about our health insurance invoice, whom do I contact?

A.  Feel free to contact
Extension Payroll at (919) 515-1382(phone), (919) 513-2617(fax), Campus Box 7917, Raleigh, NC 27695.


Temporary Bi-Weekly Employment

Q.  How do I hire a temporary, biweekly employee to be paid through NC State?
A.  Please contact your District Extension Director’s office for instructions.

Q.  Are temporary, biweekly employees eligible for benefits?
A.  No. Temporary, biweekly employees are not eligible for benefits.

Q.  Can temporary employees change their tax status/allowances via the web?
A.  Yes. As long as they have a Unity ID, they can make changes to their tax forms via Employee Self Service in the Administrative Portal.

Q.  We did not send the timesheet into CALS Personnel by the deadline listed on the timesheet deadline document. What do we do to ensure payment to the employee?
A.  Late pay will be added to the next biweekly regular paycheck.

Q.  If I have a question about temporary, biweekly employees, whom do I contact?
A.  Please contact your District Extension Director’s office.  

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